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1. Immunochemical test for detection of opiates in urine is carried out on polystyrene plates with the use of horseradish peroxidase as a label. This method is classified as:

2. A pharmaceutist prepares an ointment under aseptic conditions on the sterile ointment base, namely the composition of vaseline and lanoline at a ratio 6:4. The drug substance is incorporated by suspension type. Such technique of ointment preparation is typical for the following substance:

3. What style of behavior in conflict situations involves partial satisfaction of the interests of both parties by mutual concessions with due consideration of all pros and cons?

4. A pharmaceutical analyst has to test the substance of iron sulfate heptahydrate for purity. What reagent should be used to detect zinc cation in the substance?

5. It is required to prepare a decoction of bearberry leaves. Specify the ratio of raw materials to the extractant if not indicated in the formulation:

6. Lily of the valley is widely regarded as a cardiac stimulant and sedative. During the raw material procurement, the following plant may occur in the harvested crop:

7. A pharmaceutical analyst of an analytical laboratory performs quantitative determination of silver nitrate by thiocyanatometry. What indicator is used in this case?

8. Within the matrix of Boston Consulting Group, a certain drug refers to a group of products called "milking cash cows". Specify the stage of the lifecycle of this drug:

9. In order to detect the presence of thiosulfate ions a pharmaceutical analyst added the excess reagent. The resulting reaction produced a white precipitate which was slowly turning yellow, then brown, and black. What solution was added?

10. What is the drug of choice for the treatment of acute pyelonephritis in a pregnant woman in the I trimester?

11. A person got poisoned with alcohols. What alcohol derivatives are used for the analysis by the method of gas-liquid chromatography?

12. What medicines are used to eliminate bronchospasm?

13. A patient with acute heart failure has been administered an adrenomimetic agent. What drug is it?

14. When preparing an ointment with castor oil and vaseline a pharmaceutist failed to obtain a homogeneous system. What is the most likely cause of incompatibility between these components?

15. Fatty oils containing unsaturated fatty acids are used for the prophylaxis of atherosclerosis. Specify the starting materials of herbal origin that contain fatty oil:

16. Which of the methods to fill ampoules with injectable solutions makes it possible to protect capillaries from contamination with thick and viscous solutions?

17. Analytical and control laboratory determines quality of fatty oils by using certain chemical indices. Specify the chemical index that is demonstrative of the fatty oil drying:

18. In a pharmaceutical company both American and Japanese management styles are used. Select a characteristic feature of the Japanese management style:

19. When setting up a joint-stock company the founders discussed the issues of financial liability. What is the liability of the board members in a joint-stock company?

20. What is the mechanism of action of diclofenac sodium?

21. Fenofibrate relates to the following pharmacological group:

22. The head of a pharmaceutical company "Azalea"applies different types of control. The control which starts with logging in to the system of organization before commencement of work and is exercised through rules, procedures, etc. refers to:

23. A pharmaceutist prepared an injectable solution of novocaine. What stabilizer had been used?

24. Pharmacy cashier is responsible for recording all credit and debit transactions. To enter into the books the cash received, a cashier should issue:

25. In the production of dry extracts the drying of purified extracts may not involve condensation of the the liquid extractions. What equipment should be used in this case?

26. A pharmaceutist prepared an ointment by the following formulation: Rp.: Tannini 0,2 Lanolini 3,0 Vaselini 10,0 M. utf. ung.

27. Prescriptions for the controlled drugs dispensed under the reimbursement program (except for the narcotic and psychotropic preparations in substance) are issued on the following prescription form:

28. A pharmaceutical analyst tests potassium bromide for magnesium and alkaline earth metals impurity. What solution is used for this purpose?

29. A pharmacy has purchased a refrigerator and computer. These fixed assets are placed on the pharmacy’s balance sheet at the following value:

30. What kind of marketing is provided in case of negative demand for goods and services, that is, in a situation when the demand is absent in a substantial part of the potential market?

31. Forensic toxicological analysis of a mineralizate revealed copper. For the initial detection of copper ions the following substance is used:

32. A pharmacy has a set of documents which confirm the ownership of computer programs. Specify the balance sheet item that shows the pharmacy’s property:

33. What is the main mechanism of action that underlies the bactericidal effect of penicillin on the coccal flora?

34. A pharmaceutist has to prepare a medication by the following formulation: Rp.: Natrii hydrocarbonatis 2,0 Natrii benzoatis 1,5 Liquoris Ammonii anisatis 4 ml Aquae Mentae 100 ml M.D.S. 1 tablespoon 3 times a day. Specify the component that is added in the first place:

35. A 20-year-old female patient has been administered bicillin for rheumatic fever prophylaxis. Specify the frequency of bicillin-5 administration:

36. Sterilization methods applied for the preparation of drugs under aseptic conditions can be differentiated into physical, mechanical, and chemical ones. Specify the chemical method of sterilization:

37. Which of the following nonsteroid anti-inflammatory agents has the least harmful effect on the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract?

38. A factory workshop producing suspensions and emulsions is going to start manufacturing new drugs. What equipment can be used for the ultrasound processing of drugs?

39. A customer came to a pharmacy and presented the prescription for Tramadol tablets. For how long such a prescription must be kept at a pharmacy?

40. What system includes a set of legal rules that regulate the amounts, forms, methods and time limits for collecting taxes and tax-like charges that enable the state to perform its functions?

41. A pharmacy received a formulation for eye drops containing 1% solution of pilocarpine hydrochloride. What substance should be used to ensure that the resultant solution is isotonic?

42. A pharmacy network received a batch of raw material without analysis protocol. It was identified as marshmallow root by the external charcteristics. The reaction with 5% alkali liquor was positive. This indi- cates the presence of:

43. What drug may cause the development of constipation in patients undergoing combined therapy for arterial hypertension?

44. What drug is indicated in case of taking an overdose of depolarizing muscle relaxants?

45. A pharmaceutical factory produces herbal juice from fresh raw material. What operation should be performed at the stage of juice purification?

46. A pharmaceutist with 10 years of service legth is on a sick leave due to temporary disability. What allowance is he entitled to?

47. Under the SPhU (appendix 2), leaves of ginkgo are standardized by the content of:

48. In case of the planned closure of a pharmacy for repair works, technical re-equipment or other works, a business entity is obliged to give a written notice to the Territorial State Inspectorate for Quality Control of Medicines in advance, but not later than:

49. Under the SPhU, the pharmacopei-al preparation "Aether anaestheti-cus"is not allowed to have peroxide impurity. What reagent should be used to detect peroxides?

50. Quantitative determination of pesticides in organic extracts after the isolation from the biological material can be done by various methods. What method of quantitative analysis of chlorophos is based on measuring the peak height parameter?

51. A 65-year-old male patient complains of nausea, vomiting, lethargy, seeing yellow spots in front of his eyes. The patient takes dai- ly 0,25 mg of digoxin, 100 mg of aspecardum, 50 mg of metoprolol. What pathological condition is this syndrome typical for?

52. When developing the system of marketing communications, a company should consider the characteristics of each tool used for market promotion of a drug. Which of the following characteristics is typical for advertising?

53. Rutin exhibits P-vitamin activity. What medicinal plant is used as starting materials for the industrial production of rutin?

54. Specify a drug having an analeptic and psychostimulant effect:

55. Business transactions are displayed in the accounts. The entry in the account ledger that is made to record the incoming of economic resources is called:

56. What drug is used as the specific antidote in case of intoxication with iron preparations?

57. When calculating the personal income tax, the tax social privilege is taken into account. Its rate depends on a certain statutory amount. Specify this amount:

58. A patient purchased peppermint leaves at a pharmacy. What recommendations on infusing this herbal raw material must be given by the pharmaceutist?

59. An analytical laboratory has been commissioned to prove the presence of ethylenediamine in aminophylli-ne. Which of the following reagents makes it possible to detect ethylenedi-amine?

60. Which of the following drugs should be used for prevention of bronchial asthma attacks?

61. Toxic medicines are isolated from biological material at a certain pH level of the medium. What substance is extracted from acidic aqueous extracts?

62. A chemist of the production unit for ampouled medicinal preparations analyzes injectable solution of calcium chloride. According to the requirements, the analyzed solution should be colorless. To meet this requirement, the analyte should be compared to:

63. What antiprotozoal agent can be recommended to a female patient with trichomoniasis?

64. A manufacturing enterprise plans to retail a new drug through the corporate network of pharmacies. What strategy of drug distribution will be used?

65. In order to verify the purity of the essential oil, some ethanol was added into the test tube with peppermint oil. The mixture became turbid. This means that the peppermint oil contains the following impurity:

66. All employees are entitled to annual leave. What is the duration of the additional leave for pharmacy employees with non-standard working hours?

67. A patient has a history of chronic bronchitis. Recommend him an expectorant which can be purchased at a pharmacy to facilitate the expectoration of thick and viscous mucus:

68. 5% solution of methylcellulose is used as a stabilizer for preparing a suspension of the following drug substance:

69. What medication should be used as an antidote to eliminate the respiratory depression caused by an overdose of a narcotic analgesic?

70. A pharmaceutist has prepared a solution of menthol oil. Specify the dissolution temperature of the active substance:

71. A pharmaceutical analyst performs the identification test of lidocaine hydrochloride under the SPhU. The identity is determined by the melting point of precipitate which is produced as a result of reaction with a solution of the following acid:

72. In order to identify deoxycorticosterone acetate a pharmaceutical analyst performed a steroid cycle reaction which produced cherry-red color and green fluorescence. What reagent was added?

73. A pharmaceutist has prepared a suspension ointment. Specify the substance used for this type of ointments:

74. A pharmacy received a prescription for phenobarbital tablets written out by a physician of the city clinic to an epileptic patient. Prescripti- ons for this drug must be written out on the following prescription form:

75. Cash receipts and payments at a pharmacy are recorded in the cashbook. Which of the following cash transactions IS NOT REGARDED as a receipt transaction?

76. A forensic medicine laboratory received some biological material. It was to be tested for the presence of trichlorfon and dichlorvos. For their isolation a toxicologist infuses them with:

77. In order to identify the toxic substance which was extracted from the acidic aqueous extract by an organic solvent, a toxicologist performed a murexide test which resulted in development of pink coloration. This indicates presence of the following substance in the sample:

78. Alkaloid glaucine has an antitussive effect that is stronger and longer if compared to that of codeine, and exhibits no narcotic side effects. What medicinal plant contains glauci-ne?

79. Among the given principles of market segmentation select a principle that is used in the study of drug market most often:

80. Pharmaceutical warehouse received a batch of herbal raw material of cinnamon rose. Under the State Pharmacopoeia, it is required to test this raw material for the following active substances:

81. Advise an internship doctor on why iron preparations should not be administered together with antacids:

82. Help a medical student to select an adrenergic drug for the treatment of anaphylactic shock:

83. A pharmacy received the following formulation: Rp.: Dibazoli 0,05 Papaverini hydrochloridi 0,15 Sacchari 2,5 M. fiat pulv. Divide in partes aequales №10. Specify the weight of a single powder dose:

84. It is required to prepare 50 g of zinc ointment for a patient. What amount of zinc and vaseline must be weighed out by a pharmaceutist?

85. A 30-year-old male patient diagnosed with acute osteomyelitis has been administered an antibiotic that is highly effective in penetrating the bone tissue. What drug has been chosen?

86. A patient with acute heart failure and cardiac glycoside intolerance was given an injection of dobutamine. What is the mechanism of its action?

87. A sample of biological material contains mercury. Specify the method of mercury isolation:

88. The ointment workshop of a pharmaceutical plant launches production of a new ointment. Specify the manufacturing operation that ensures equal distribution of the drug substance in the base:

89. Quantitative determination of pyridine derivatives is performed by acidimetry in nonaqueous medium. What titrant is used for this purpose?

90. Production unit for ampouled medicinal preparations produces procaine hydrochloride solution. This solution is stabilized by adding:

91. Under the analytical normative documents, prior to direct bromatometric determination of arsenous acid anhydride the following substance should be added to the analyzed solution:

92. An analytical laboratory received calcium gluconate for analysis. What method is used for its quantification?

93. A 6-year-old child with pneumonia had been administered an antibiotic. After treatment the child lost the hearing. What group of antibiotics might have caused this complication?

94. What is the most common symptom of atropine intoxication?

95. Employees of a pharmacy receive hourly rate wage and bonuses based on individual performance. What document is issued when calculating the payroll advance?

96. A patient has glaucoma. Recommend him a drug of the M-cholinomimetic group:

97. Under the chemico-toxicological classification, toxic compounds are grouped according to the method of their isolation from the biological material. What compound can be isolated by steam distillation?

98. Personnel records refer to the following type of documents:

99. In order to expand its range of activities, pharmacy №12 purchased some manufacturing equipment. What group of economic resources does the manufacturing equipment relate to?

100. During a medical briefing a pharmacy intern was asked about the mechanism of antiatherosclerotic effect of clofibrate (fenofibrate). What is the correct answer?

101. Commercial and financial activity of a pharmacy involves using returnable tare. Which of the following containers are returned to the supplier?

102. The phytochemical workshop of a pharmaceutical plant produces biogenic stimulators from different starting materials. Specify the biogenic stimulators of animal origin:

103. A 40-year-old patient has a history of bronchial asthma and heart rhythm disorders in form of bradyarrhythmia. Bronchospasm can be eliminated by the drugs of the following pharmacological group:

104. Xenobiotics are metabolized in the body. The main metabolite of the acetic acid is:

105. Ergot (Secale cornutum) is used as an uterotonic agent in obstetric practice and for the treatmet of cardiovascular diseases. The authenticity of the raw materials is proved by the content of:

106. A pharmaceutical analyst with a 6-year length of service is on a sick leave due to temporary disability. He is entitled to the sickness allowance in the amount of:

107. The galenical preparations workshop produces belladonna tincture. Specify the required ratio for this dosage form:

108. The chemical name 1-benzoyl-5-ethyl-5-phenyl-barbituric acid stands for the following substance relating to barbiturates:

109. The head of a wholesale pharmaceutical company applies modern theories in order to effectively motivate sales staff and determine the amount of remuneration. Specify one of the groups of motivation theories:

110. A pharmaceutist prepares an infusion at a ratio of 1:30. What herbal raw material will be used?

111. A pharmaceutical analyst analyzes a dosage form containing zinc sulfate. What reagent enables him to confirm the presence of the zinc cation in the analyte?

112. When investigating the case of drug intoxication, the expert commission should find out, whether intoxication had been caused by opium or omnopon. For this purpose it is required to conduct an addititional test for:

113. Specify the type of capsules which are used for dispensing camphor powders:

114. A 60-year-old female patient has a history of essential hypertension (stage II), ischemic heart disease, bronchial asthma. After the correction of pharmacotherapy, a patient experienced an attack of bronchospasm, and an escalation of dyspnea. What drug had caused the complication?

115. Losartan as a part of treatment of arterial hypertension is contraindicated in case of:

116. Within an accounting period a pharmacy has been providing the population with the finished medications. What business transaction will have an effect on increasing inventory of the pharmacy?

117. A pharmaceutist has prepared vaginal suppositories. Specify the form of these suppositories:

118. Which of the following antihypertensive drugs has potassiumsparing effect?

119. A clinical pharmaceutist invited to a medical conference made a report on the antiviral drug acyclovir. What is its mechanism of action?

120. The aerosol workshop of a pharmaceutical plant uses various groups of propellants in the production. What propellants relate to the group of volatile organic solvents?

121. A student has been prescribed a tonic. This may be the tincture of the following medicinal plant:

122. Ammifurinum contains furocumari-nes. These biologically active substances are derived from:

123. Oil liniments are produced with fatty oils used as a base. What kind of oil should be used by a pharmacist if it was not specified in the formulation?

124. Which of the following vaginal dosage forms relate to the officinal formula, that is, are prepared in a pharmacy?

125. A female patient with pneumonia has been administered doxycycline hydrochloride. This drug relates to the following group of antibiotics:

126. A pharmacy received 10 kg of hawthorn tincture which was packaged in 80 ml bottles. This operation should be recorded in the following document:

127. A pharmaceutical analyst tests anhydrous glucose for purity according to the requirements of the SPhU. Inadmissible barium impurity can be detected by using the following acid:

128. Suppositories are prepared by various methods such as rolling, pouring, pressing. What base is used in the pouring method?

129. A disabled veteran of the WW2 has been prescribed codeine powder. What is the maximum permissible amount of codeine that can be dispensed by the prescription?

130. The phytochemical workshop of a pharmaceutical plant manufactures liquid extracts. How many volume parts of the liquid extract can be produced from one weight part of herbal raw material in compliamce with the State Pharmacopoeia?

131. A pharmacy received a formulation for an extemporaneously compounded dosage form. The formula includes phenobarbital compounded with other drugs. Specify the required prescription form:

132. A pharmaceutist prepared 10 powders containing atropine sulfate in an amount of 0,00005 per dose. What trituration had been used?

133. Which of these drugs kept in the pharmacy stock relates to the group of laxatives?

134. Recommend a drug for the treatment of tachyarrhythmia epi- sodes:

135. A male patient has been administered an antiulcerant that blocks histamine receptors of the gastric mucosa. What drug is it?

136. A pharmaceutical analyst identifies the substance of potassium acetate. What reagent confirms the presence of potassium cation in the analyte?

137. A pharmaceutist has to prepare an oil emulsion with menthol. Specify the appropriate way of the active substance incorporation:

138. What is the most suitable drug that can be recommended for the treatment of rhinitis accompanying an ARVI in a 7-month-old child?

139. As a result of condensation of substituted malonic esters and urea the derivatives of the following substance are obtained:

140. Under the SPh of Ukraine, one of the reactions for the detection of calcium cation presence in drugs is the reaction with:

141. What herbal drug produced form alkaloid-containing raw materials can be recommended for neurasthenia, insomnia, menopausal disorders?

142. The glidants aerosil or magnesium stearate together with talc are added to the excipients in hard gelatin capsules in order to facilitate the following property:

143. A pharmacy received a batch of chemotherapeutic agents. Select an antiviral drug:

144. A patient with cholelithiasis should be administered the following drug for the dissolution of cholesterol gallstones:

145. At the end of the dug action drug addicts develop severe mental, neurological and somatic disorders. This complex of symptoms is called:

146. A 5-year-old child had accidentally drunk a bottle of eye drops. After 30 minutes the child developed shortness of breath, difficult swallowing, voice hoarseness, dilated pupils, hyperthermia. Which of the drugs might have induced the described manifestations?

147. Magnesium peroxide identification is performed by the reaction of perchromic acid formation. What color is produced as a result of this reaction?

148. Quality of ampouled injection solutions is tested as to various parameters. How many ampullae are to be checked for assessing the quality of sealing (hermeticity)?

149. A pharmacy received the following formulation: Rp.: Xeroformii Picis Liquidae Betulae Olei Ricini 100,0 M.D.S. For wound anointing. Specify the dosage form:

150. A patient had been given an injection of 0,25% novocaine solution for the purpose of anaesthetization. Suddenly the patient developed red spots, intense sweating, tachycardia, bronchospasm, edema of nasal mucosa. What is the cause of this complication?

151. Woolly foxglove is used as raw material for the production of the following drug:

152. Pharmacies prepare injectable solutions. Which solution is prepared without any stabilizer?

153. A pharmaceutist dispensed doxycycline to a patient and recommended to abandon dairy products. What is the reason for such recommendation?

154. An analytical chemist of the quality control department of a pharmaceutical plant can prove the presence of the cation in the test substance with a solution of potassium:

155. What drug from the group of cardiac glycosides can be used as an alternative for strophanthine if it is not available at a pharmacy?

156. What factor underlies the mechanism of the analgesic effect of morphine hydrochloride?

157. Certain groups of drugs are subject to strict record keeping and storage in pharmacies. Specify a drug that relates to the group of narcotics:

158. A pharmacy received a formulation for an extemporaneously compounded medication. Specify the document that is used to set the price for such medication:

159. A pharmaceutical company studies the market situation in terms of a relationship between supply and demand, price level, stock of goods, etc. What is the company’s actual object of study?

160. Pharmacy №7 is engaged in both sales and production. What operations ARE NOT REGISTERED in the journal of laboratory and prepacking works?

161. Which group of adjuvants includes polyvinyl alcohol used under the SPhU?

162. Arrangement of drugs in the retail space of a pharmacy can be characterized as either strong or weak. What arrangement of drugs is regarded as weak?

163. Drug plant Dioscorea nipponi-ca is the starting materials for the production of Polysponinum drug which is used in the complex treatment of atherosclerosis. Specify the active compounds of dioscorea:

164. Stimulation of beta-cells of the pancreas causes the hypoglycemic effect of the following drug:

165. A patient with a history of essential hypertension has been administered lisinopril. What is the mechani- sm of action of this drug?

166. Select the optimal antibacterial drug for the treatment of mycoplasma pneumonia:

167. A patient has been found to have pesticide intoxication. Biochemical (cholinesterase) test was positive. What pesticide is likely to have caused the intoxication?

168. A pharmaceutical analyst added solutions of zirconyl nitrate and alizarin to a drug substance. The reaction produced red color turning into yellow. Specify the analyte:

169. A pharmacy received a formula for an alcohol solution of methylene blue with unspecified alcohol concentration. In this case, a pharmacutist must use ethyl alcohol of the following concentration:

170. A patient came to a pharmacy to purchase cowberry leaves. Which of the available herbal raw materials can be offered as a substitute?

171. A pharmaceutical company produces concentrated extracts. Specify the concentration of ethanol in the extractant required for the production:

172. Under the SPhU, presence of ammonium salts in sodium tetraborate can be detected by method A by using a solution of the following substance:

173. Quantitative analysis of boric acid can be performed by alkalimetric titration in the presence of:

174. Industrial, labor and socioeconomic relations between the head of a pharmaceutical company and the employees are regulated by:

175. Which of the following drugs is used for thrombolytic therapy in case of myocardial infarction?

176. Drug A is in the stage of market saturation. In order to push up intensive sales, management of the manufacturing company decided to use the following type of advertising:

177. Vincamine alkaloid reduces blood pressure, has a pronounced sedation effect, as well as hemostatic and anti-inflammatory effect. What herb is the source of this alkaloid?

178. Patients with heart failure caused by persisting cardiac and coronary vessel dysfunction can be recommended preparations produced from the following herbal raw material:

179. Which of the following ophthalmic dosage forms is produced only industrially?

180. A pharmaceutist prepares 3000 mL of valerian root infusion for a hospital department. The given amount of extract should be infused in a water bath for:

181. Employees of a company can be instructed to go on a business trip by the orders of the company’s head. Specify the deadline for submission of an expense report after the employee’s return from the trip:

182. An analytical chemist of the quality control department of a pharmaceutical plant has to determine the average weight of glibenclami-de tablets. How many tablets should be tested for this purpose?

183. Sage leaves procured for the production of essential oil should be dried at a temperature of:

184. A pharmacy compounds suspensions. What substance can be used for preparing a suspension without adding the stabilizer?

185. A pharmacy received the goods according to the accompanying documentation. Who is responsible for keeping the record of medicines received by a business entity?

186. Phytochemical workshop of a factory manufactures pancreatin. What is the starting material for obtaining pancreatin?

187. Pharmaceutical plants produce ointments on various bases. Specify the ointment base having the most pronounced osmotic properties:

188. At a maternity hospital a pregnant woman with weak uterine contractions has been administered oxytocin. This drug relates to the following pharmaceutical group:

189. A 25-year-old female patient had been taking antibiotics for 7 days, the disease was complicated by the development of intestinal dysbiosis. This complication should be treated by the drugs of the following group:

190. Galenic preparations are produced with the use of various extractants. What extractants require pressure as a prior condition for the extraction process?

191. In case of simultaneous use of metronidazole and oral anticoagulants derived from coumarin patients must be warned about:

192. A hypertensive patient had been administered a diuretic as a part of the combined therapy. The administered drug caused hypokalemia. Specify this drug:

193. Specify the principle of the pharmacy accounting which complies with the following definition: "This principle provides for continuous following the adopted accounting policy. Any changes to the accounting policy must be well-grounded and fixed in the financial statements":

194. Buckthorn bark is used as a laxative. Specify the period for procurement of raw material of alder buckthorn bark:

195. A 35-year-old female customer came to a pharmacy to purchase a medicine for the prevention of influenza. Which of the following drugs can be recommended?

196. One of the packagings stored at the warehouse of finished products has a damaged label. It is known that the drug substance in this packaging relates to alkaloids. In course of group qualitative tests for alkaloids the drug substance reacted positively with murexide. Further identification of the drug substance should be limited to the following group of derivatives:

197. Which of the following antibiotics can be identified by means of the maltol formation test?

198. Under the analytical normative documents, atropine sulfate should be titrated with hydrochloric acid solution in the anhydrous acetic acid medium in the presence of the following indicator:

199. A pharmaceutical analyst performs the identification of phthalylsulphathiazole (phthalazol). In compliance with the SPhU requirements, the substance is to be heated with resorcinol in the presence of sulfuric acid. The subsequent addition of sodium hydroxide and water results in:

200. Organizational form of business in which a company does not produce goods or services itself but owns other companies’ controlling stake and thereby supervises their activity is called: