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1. Specific impurity of thiosulfates in Natrii iodidum and Kalii iodidum is identified by adding starch and iodine solutions. The absence of impurities is proved by:

2. An accountant of a pharmacy issued a cash receipt voucher for the sales proceeds. What document is used to register cash receipt and cash payment vouchers before the cash arrives to the cashiers?

3. Methyl alcohol which is widely used in industry causes severe health disorders when enters the human body even in small amounts. This effect is induced by the action of the following major metabolites of methanol:

4. A 40-year-old patient has a history of bronchial asthma and heart rhythm disorders in form of bradyarrhythmias. Bronchospasm can be eliminated by the drugs of the following pharmacological group:

5. After harvesting the calamus rhizomes the received material should be dried. What temperature range is required for obtaining good-quality raw material?

6. Business transactions of a pharmacy are recorded in the control accounts as listed in the chart of accounts. The balance on the ledger and sub-ledger accounts is used to fill out the following document:

7. Representatives of the family Solanaceae are widely used in medical practice as alkaloid-containing plants. Which representative is the source for production of semi-synthetic steroid hormones?

8. A 65-year-old female patient with a fracture of mandible has been prescribed a drug from the group of narcotic analgesics. Specify this drug:

9. What herbal drug produced form alkaloid-containing raw materials can be recommended for neurasthenia, insomnia, menopausal disorders?

10. Vacation leaves for employees of pharmacies include paid annual, additional, sabbatical, social leaves, as well as unpaid leaves. What is the total duration of the paid basic and additional vacation leave?

11. A pharmaceutist has to prepare 10% alcohol solution of iodine. What is the required concentration of ethanol for this purpose?

12. Pharmacies prepare triturations of toxic and superpotent substances. They can be prepared in a following ratio:

13. Some alkaline solution was added to the alcohol solution of ftivazide, causing the solution to change colour from the light yellow to the orange-yellow. Subsequent addition of hydrochloric acid made the solution become again light yellow, and then orange-yellow. What properties of ftivazide are proved by this reaction?

14. A pharmaceutist prepared a lipophilic ointment of suspension type. What substance is used for preparing this kind of ointments?

15. A 25-year-old patient with frequent migraine attacks has been prescribed sumatriptan. Specify the mechanism of its action:

16. A hypertensive patient has been prescribed a drug from the group of nonselective beta-blockers. Specify this drug:

17. A pharmaceutist prepares an ointment on a hydrophobic base. What substance does he use in order to reduce the melting point of the base?

18. A patient with acute heart failure and cardiac glycoside intolerance was given an injection of dobutamine. What is the mechanism of its action?

19. What non-narcotic antitussive drug of central action can be used for dry cough?

20. A woman who has been treated for infiltrative focal tuberculosis for a long time complains of acute hearing impairment. Which of the following preparations might be the cause of this side effect?

21. Losartan for treatment of arterial hypertension is contraindicated in case of:

22. A pharmacy opens a bank account to store funds and conduct ongoing business transactions. What kind of account should be opened?

23. Help the doctor to select a drug from the group of non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs, which is an inhibitor of COX-2 and does not damage the stomach:

24. A patient has been administered a spasmolytic from the group of muscarinic receptor antagonists as a part of the complex treatment for renal colic. Specify this drug:

25. Medications Passit and Novopassit are used as tranquilizing, sedative and mild hypnotic agents. These medications are produced from the following grass:

26. Simultaneous use of paracetamol and acetylcysteine causes:

27. A 70-year-old patient with stenocardia claims that the pharmacy sold him a drug that relieved an attack of stenocardia but instead caused an acute bursting headache. What antihypertensive drug is this side effect typical for?

28. Field horsetail grass is recommend as a diuretic. What herbal material can be used as a substitute?

29. Collective labour agreement is concluded by a trade union committee with the enterprise owner on behalf of the workforce. Any collective agreement is worked out in written form. Which article of the Labor Code regulates the duration of the collective agreement?

30. A pharmaceutist prepared a drug by the prescription: Rp.: Streptocidi Dermatoli ana 1,0 Lanolini Vaselini ana 5,0 M.D.S.: Apply to the affected skin. Specify the type of the disperse system:

31. A 17-year-old patient complains of persistent thirst, dry mouth, frequent urination, increased appetite. Blood glucose is at the rate of 11 mmol/l. The patient has been diagnosed with diabetes melli-tus type I. What drug is indicated for treatment?

32. A patient suffering from epilepsy has taken phenobarbital for a long time and developed drug tolerance. What is the mechanism of this phenomenon development?

33. Hydrocyanic acid and its salts are extremely toxic substances. In humans, they are partly neutralized by enzymatic conversion into:

34. A pharmacy prepares ointments with extracts. What is the way to incorporate the dry and thick extracts into the ointments?

35. Schedule of sanitation actions in pharmacies is regulated by the relevant regulatory acts. Cleaning day at a pharmacy must be scheduled for at least 1 time:

36. An accountable person (accountant) has been given some cash from the cash account of the company for the purchase of stationery goods . What is the deadline for submitting a full statement of the accountable person on the cash use after receiving the cash?

37. Chloride of lime is identified by calcium cations after boiling with acetic acid in order to eliminate active chlorine. What reagent is used?

38. From the pharmaceutical stock select a reversible anticholinesterase drug to be administered to the patients with atony of the intestine and urinary bladder in the postoperative period:

39. A factrory workshop producing suspensions and emulsions is going to develop the manufacture of new drugs. What mechanisms can be used for the ultrasound processing of drugs?

40. When atropine sulfate is tested for purity, the alkaloids and degradation products are detected by TLC. For this purpose the chromatographic plate is sprayed with a solution of:

41. A patient after acute myocardial infarction has been recommended to take acetylsalicylic acid for 3-4 months. What effect of acetylsalicylic acid would be most relevant for this patient?

42. Prescriptions for the controlled drugs dispensed under the reimbursement program (except for the narcotic and psychotropic preparations in substance) are issued on the following prescription form:

43. A pharmacy makes bulk purchases of health and hygiene products. The agent works under a contract with the manufacturer and operates on his account. The agent may be given the exclusive right to sell goods in certain regions. Specify this agent:

44. Flower buds of clove contain the essential oil used for production of herbal antiseptics. Under the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine, the raw materials are identified by the method of thin layer chromatography. What zones can be identified on the chromatographic plate after their treatment with reagent?

45. Which drug including the beta-lactam cycle in its structure gives a positive reaction with a solution of hydroxylamine hydrochloride in the presence of sodium hydroxide followed by adding the solution of iron (III) chloride?

46. An analytical laboratory received a sample of alpha-aminobutyric acid for analysis. What reagent should be used by the analyst in order to identify this substance?

47. Precipitation reactions are used to establish the identity of drugs. Cation of sodium in sodium citrate can be identified by the formation of a white precipitate with:

48. A patient has a history of cholelithiasis. What drug should be administered to prevent biliary colic?

49. A person got poisoned with alcohols. What alcohol derivatives are used for the analysis by gas-liquid chromatography?

50. Analysis of the drug sales performance revealed market expansion, the absolute increase of the drug in manufacturer’s stocks, slowdown in the growth rate of sales, intense competition. What stage of the product life cycle is the drug in?

51. Advise an internship doctor on why iron preparations should not be administered along with antacids:

52. Bronchodilatory effect of shortacting ^2-adrenoceptor agonist salbutamol develops after:

53. A pharmaceutical analyst identifies the substance of potassium acetate. What reagent confirms the presence of potassium cation in the substance?

54. Standard herbal material of lily-of-the-valley is obtained by drying it at a temperature of 50-60oC in order to prevent the following possible biochemical process:

55. Ampule quality control involves testing for chemical resistance. What methods are used to test this indicator?

56. When setting up a joint-stock company the founders discussed the issues of financial liability. What is the liability of the board members in a joint-stock company?

57. An analytical laboratory has the task to confirm the presence of ethylenedi-amine in the aminophylline. Which of the following reagents alows to detect ethylenediamine?

58. Anthracene derivatives of emodin have purgative effect. Large quantities of anthracene-derived groups of emodin are contained in the fruits of the following plant:

59. A patient who has been treated for hypertension complains of cough. Objective examination reveals no changes in the lungs. Which of the following drugs might have caused cough?

60. A forensic medicine laboratory received some biological material. It should be tested for the presence of trichlorfon and dichlorvos. For their isolation a toxicologist infuses them with:

61. The thyme grass is used for the production of herbal medical products for the treatment of respiratory tract infections. Under the SPhU, the herbal raw material is subject to chromatographic identification by means of thin layer chromatography. What substances are detected on the chromatographic plate after its treatment with due reagent?

62. Drug plant Dioscorea nipponica is the source for production of Polysponi-num drug which is used in the complex treatment of atherosclerosis. Specify the active compounds of dioscorea material:

63. A pharmaceutical factory produces tablets of sodium chloride. What is the method of their poduction?

64. A pharmaceutical factory produces suspensions and emulsions. Specify the equipment which is used for dispersion and mixing in the liquid medium:

65. Specify the base for the preparation of antibiotic ointments:

66. White precipitate produced by the reaction of morphine hydrochloride with ammonia solution dissolves in sodium hydroxide solution due to the presence of the following group in the structure of morphine hydrochloride:

67. Galenic preparations are produced by using various extractants. What extractants require pressure as a prior condition for the extraction process?

68. Production of tablets requires stage-to-stage quality control. What devices are used to determine the particle size distribution (fraction) of granules?

69. Salicylic acid and its derivatives may be the cause of acute intoxication. When salicylates are analyzed by TLC method, the chromatographic plate is sprayed with:

70. A pharmaceutical company has made a decision to expand its activities. The process of the company’s activity expansion by penetration into new fields of the branch is called:

71. A person got poisoned with the lead compounds. What is the most sensitive method of the quantitative analysis of lead ions?

72. Simultaneous use of gentamicin and acyclovir tablets increases the risk of:

73. A certain plant is used for production of tinctures and extracts which are the part of complex drugs Bellataminal, Becarbon, Besalol, etc. Specify the grass that is used for this purpose:

74. Under the SPhU requirements mercury salts are indentified by means of interaction with sodium hydroxide solution. Specify the colour of the precipitate that is produced as a resut of this reaction:

75. Exacerbation of urolithiasis has caused a renal colic in the patient. What drug must be administered to arrest the colic?

76. A pharmacy prepared a solution of macromolecular substance with limited swelling capacity. What solution was labelled "warm up before use"?

77. A 65-year-old patient complains of nausea, vomiting, lethargy, seeing yellow spots in front of his eyes. The patient daily takes 0,25 mg of digoxin, 100 mg of aspecardum, 50 mg of metoprolol. What pathological condition is this syndrome typical for?

78. A pharmaceutical plant produces spi-ssum extract with 0,25% ammonia solution used as an extractant. This is a spissum extract of:

79. In order to detect the presence of thiosulfate ions a pharmaceutical analyst added the excess reagent. The resulting reaction produced a white precipitate, which slowly turned yellow, then brown, and black. What solution was added?

80. A person got poisoned with salts of manganese. Analysis of the mineral residue revealed manganese ions. What reactions underlie the chemical processes of manganese detection?

81. A pharmaceutist has to prepare a drug by the prescription: Rp.: Natrii hydrocarbonatis 2,0 Natrii benzoatis 1,5 Liquoris Ammonii anisatis 4 ml Aquae Mentae 100 ml M.D.S. 1 tablespoon 3 times a day. Specify the component that is added in the first place:

82. A pharmaceutist prepared the 2% aqueous solution by dissolving the drug substance triturated in a mortar. What substance is this technology typical for?

83. A pharmaceutical analyst analyzes the substance of ascorbic acid in compliance with the requirements of the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine. To identify the oxalic acid impurities he uses the solution of:

84. Select a drug for the treatment of bronchial asthma from the group of fi2-agonists:

85. A female 49-year-old patient complains of compressing headache in the occipital region, dizziness, increased AP. The patient has a history of diabetes melli-tus type II. What diuretic DOES NOT affect the blood glucose level?

86. Sterilization methods used for the preparation of drugs under aseptic conditions can be differentiated into physical, mechanical, and chemical ones. Specify the chemical method of sterilization:

87. Apart from goods sales, there are other business transactions that can be characterized as goods disposal. Which of the following business transactions reduces the stock at pharmacies?

88. A pharmacy sells medicines. Which of the following medicines is on the list of the controlled substances?

89. Enrolled in private pharmacies to implement a drug whose active ingredient is the chemical name of 2-chloro-10-(3’-dimethylaminopropyl)-phenothiazine hydrochloride. Specify this drug:

90. The simple sugar syrup consists of:

91. A pharmaceutic plant producing aerosol forms uses liquefied gases as propellents. Which of the following substances relates to the group of liquefied gases?

92. During steam distillation of voltile poisons the first portion of the distillate is collected in a receiver with 2% solution of sodium hydroxide. It is used to detect:

93. Activity of a company leader involves managerial decision-making aimed at the achievement of corporate goals. Which of the following decisions are NOT classified by the method of justification?

94. In order to identify deoxycorticosterone acetate a pharmaceutical analyst performed a steroid cycle reaction, which resulted in formation of cherry-red colour and a green fluorescence. What reagent was added?

95. A pharmacy rceived a prescription for ethyl alcohol. What amount of alcohol can be dispensed to the patient with diabetes free of charge?

96. A pharmaceutist prepared 100,0 g of oil emulsion using 5% solution of methyl cellulose as an emulsifier. Specify the required amount of oil and emulsifier for the drug preparation:

97. What drug acts as a specific antidote in case of iron drug intoxication?

98. Specify the indicator which measures the total contribution of various solutes to the osmotic pressure of the solution:

99. A female patient has a sleep disorder after stress. Which of the following hypnotic drugs should be preferred for the treatment of insomnia?

100. While preparing marshmallow root extract, a pharmaceutist mistakenly used the water of improper temperature for this extract, and the end product came up turbid. What is the required water temperature for the extraction of this herbal material?

101. A12 weeks pregnant patient has been hospitalized with symptoms of acute cystitis. What antibiotic can be recommend in this case?

102. Rose essential oil is used as an antiinflammatory and antispasmodic agent. It is localized in the following excretory structures:

103. Commercial and financial activity of a pharmacy involves using returnable tare. Which of the following containers are returned to the supplier?

104. Plantain leaves are used for production of Plantaglucidum which has antiulcerogenic action. The plant material analysis involves quantitative determination of the following class of compounds:

105. Senior nurse of the surgical department of the city hospital applied to the interhospital pharmacy. Specify the supporting document for the dispension of dressing material from this pharmacy:

106. Paracetamol substance has been sent for analysis. Reaction with the solution of iron (III) chloride gave the blue-purple colour. This indicates the presence of:

107. 6 months after treatment a patient with coronary heart disease developed tolerance to the prolonged-action nitrates. What drug with nitrate-similar effect should be recommended in this case?

108. Ampules are produced of glass with appropriate heat resistance. An ampule would meet the requirements of technical standards if the ampule glass has the following characteristic:

109. Which of the following diuretics SHOULD NOT be administered to patients with impaired hearing?

110. A pharmaceutist has prepared a suspension with a hydrophobic substance. What stabilizer is required for its preparation?

111. A 43-year-old patient with a severe form of rheumatoid arthritis has been administered a certain drug for background therapy. Specify this drug:

112. A pharmaceutical analyst working at the laboratory of the State Inspectorate for Quality Control of Medicines identifies "Thiamine hydrobromide"with the solution of potassium ferricyanide in the alkaline medium. When doing this, he observes a light-blue fluorescence of the alcohol layer in UV light. What product is thus formed?

113. The pharmaceutical market is characterized by the seasonal fluctuations in demand for anti-cold medicines. What kind of marketing is used in case of such demand?

114. A patient with acute intoxication has been administered a loop diuretic in order to cause the forced diuresis. What drug is it?

115. Stimulation of beta-cells of the pancreas causes the hypoglycemic effect of the following drug:

116. Diazepam is used for the treatment of neuroses due to the following pharmacological effect:

117. A pharmaceutist working at an analytical laboratory is engaged into sulfite-ion identification of a drug in compliance with the requirements of SPhU. What reagent becomes colourless in this study?

118. It is required to perform the extraction of medical poisons isolated from the biological material by the method of VP Kramarenko. At the same time, what substance will be extracted from the acidic medium?

119. Who is responsible for the acceptance of goods and medical products with accompanying incoming quality control?

120. A hypertensive patient has been administered lisinopril. What side effect is typical for this drug?

121. The quality of tablets is assessed by various factors. What instrument is used for the tablet disintegration test?

122. The medicine "Bismuthi subnitras"can be identified after dissolving it in the acid with the following reagent:

123. Alkaloid glaucine has an antitussive effect that is stronger and longer if compared to that of codeine, and exhibits no narcotic side effects. What drug plant contains glaucine?

124. Simultaneous use of doxycycline hydrochloride and oral contraceptive causes:

125. A pharmacy has a license for selling narcotic drugs. The warrant for the receipt of these drugs from the pharmacy warehouse is valid for:

126. A pharmaceutist prepares an infusion at a ratio of 1:30. What plant material would be used?

127. Business transactions of pharmacies are reported in the accounts. Specify the account that reports the settlements with debtors and creditors:

128. In order to analyze marketing opportunities and make a forecast of the market position a pharmaceutical company can use a matrix allowing the company to find new markets (geographical) or identify new areas of using traditional medicines. What matrix is used by a pharmaceutical company to identify its market position?

129. Under the SPh of Ukraine, one of the reactions for the detection of calcium cation presence in drugs is the reaction with:

130. A pharmacy has no quinquelobate motherwort in stock. It can be substituted by the following herbal material:

131. Which of the following antibiotics can be identified by means of the maltol test?

132. A patient with atopic dermatitis presented to the hospital. Which drug with anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effect should be administered to this patient?

133. A patient with a history of allergic rhinitis has been prescribed ephedrine in form of nasal drops. The patient has significantly benefited from nasal instillation, and this stimulated him to use the drug every two hours. But under these conditions the drug appeared to be ineffective. What is the most likely cause of this phenomenon?

134. During transportation, the markings on the packages of theobromine and theophylline were damaged. What solution allows to identify theobromine and theophylline?

135. What drug can be recommended for symptomatic treatment of muscle pain in a 5-year-old child?

136. A pharmaceutist has a labour dispute with the pharmacy administration about rescheduling his annual vacation leave. The employee can appeal against the decision of the pharmacy administration to the following body:

137. Menthol has anesthetic and antiseptic effect. What plant is the source of menthol?

138. What final document is used for the preparation of the report on the discrepancies revealed in course of the inventory at the pharmacy?

139. Pharmacies as legal entities must have statutory capital in order to get registered with state authorities. Specify the amount which is identified as the statutory capital:

140. A marketing manager of a pharmaceutical company carries out market research on vitamin preparation market. He takes into account various parameters including the therapeutical effectiveness, supply and demand. What method should be applied?

141. Phytochemical workshop of a factory manufactures pancreatin. What is the source material for obtaining pancreatin?

142. Leaves of greater plantain are harvested in summer by mowing or cutting them with a knife or a sickle. There is always one developed plant left per 1 m2. The plant is harvested in the following vegetation period:

143. A pharmaceutist has to prepare an aqueous extract of medicinal plants. What can be used as a substitute of plant material in the drug preparation?

144. Pharmaceutical analyst working at the laboratory of the State Inspectorate for Quality Control of Medicines identifies the drug substance "Glucose anhydrous"with copper-tartrate solution (Fehling’s reagent). What colour precipitate is produced?

145. Under the SPhU (appendix 2), leaves of ginkgo are standardized by the content of:

146. Ampule workshop of a pharmaceutical factory produces the procaine hydrochloride solution. This solution is stabilized by adding:

147. A pharmaceutist prepared eye drops containing silver nitrate. What substance must be taken to ensure isotonicity?

148. A pharmacy serves the polyclinics of a city district. Specify the bill of materials that shows the number of drugs dispensed on prescriptions of the doctors who work in the polyclinics:

149. According to SPhU, formaldehyde can be identified when a sample is reacted with chromotropic acid solution in the presence of concentrated sulfuric acid. What colour is formed by this reaction?

150. Issuing prescriptions and orders for drugs and medical products is regulated by the Order № 360 dated 19.07.2005 (as amended). Specify the prescription form for phenobarbital as a part of a combined dosage form:

151. A pharmacy plans to expand the production of medicines. For this purpose it purchased the production equipment at a cost of 7000 uAh. The cost of the equipment will be recorded to the balance of the pharmacy as:

152. A patient has been found to have pesticide intoxication. Biochemical (cholinesterase) test was positive. What pesticide is likely to have caused the intoxication?

153. A manufacturing enterprise plans to sell a new drug through the corporate chain of pharmacies. What strategy of drug distribution would be used?

154. Theory of management currently points out four the most important approaches to the management. Select the approach that is NOT applied in the theory of management:

155. A pharmaceutist was on a business trip. What is the deadline for submitting a travel expense report?

156. A patient who has been taking acetylsalicylic acid developed hemorrhages of mucous membranes. This phenomenon is associated with:

157. A 38-year-old male patient with mercuric chloride intoxication has been delivered to the admission ward in grave condition. What antidote must be immediately administered the patient?

158. A pharmaceutist worked on a holiday, and the time worked was within the normal working hours of the current month. The employee would be entitled to be paid:

159. A pharmaceutist prepares a solution for injections that must be stabilized with 0,1M of hydrochloric acid solution. What solution is to be prepared?

160. Quarterly evaluation of business and financial performance of a pharmacy involves calculating its profitability. For this purpose the following data is used: turnover - 100 thousands UAH, gross profit - 25 thousands UAH, expenditures -1 thousand UAH. Calculate the profitability of the pharmacy:

161. A pharmaceutist prepares trituration of atropine sulfate. What adjuvant should be used for this purpose?

162. A drug raw material from the family Polygonaceae had been sent to a laboratory for analysis. On macroscopic examination the material was identified as a herbaceous plant with lanceolate leaves with a red spot, and filmy ocreae covered with appressed hairs. The plant had the apical inflorescence in dense spicate panicles. What plant is it?

163. Pharmaceutical plants produce ointments on various bases. Specify the ointment base having the most pronounced osmotic properties:

164. One of the recent industrial medical forms that is used in pediatric practice and intended for young children unable of swallowing tablets is:

165. It is required to prepare furacilin solution (1:5000). What is the dissolution peculiarity of furacilin?

166. A pharmaceutist prepares powders with papaverine hydrochloride. What hand scales should be used for weighing out 0,05 g of substance?

167. Help the doctor to select a drug for the replacement therapy after the thyroid gland removal:

168. A patient with hypertensive crisis has been given an intravenous injection of clonidine. What mechanism underlies the antihypertensive effect of clonidine?

169. Economic analysis of pharmacy activity involves a number of absolute indices. What index is determined by the formula: "income from sales - prime cost of goods":

170. The manufacturing pharmaceutical company Elema set up its own corporate pharmacy. In this case, it uses the following distribution channel:

171. A patient with Parkinson’s disease has been prescribed a drug with a predominant effect on the dopaminergic system. What drug is it?

172. A pharmacy received a prescription: Rp.: Dibazoli0,05 Papaverini hydrochloridi 0,15 Sacchari 2,5 M. fiat pulv. Divide in partes aequales №10. Specify the weight of a single powder dose:

173. A patient with the symptoms of cardiac glycoside intoxication has been administered unitiol. What is the mechanism of therapeutic action of this drug?

174. A regional medical representative of a foreign company uses the data derived from periodicals and reference and statistical materials in order to characterize the territorial pharmaceutical market. What kind of market research is based upon these sources?

175. A person got poisoned with an unknown substance. Chemico-toxicological test for the isolated toxin with Dragendorff’s, Sonnenschein’s, Schei-bler’s reagents caused setting of sediments. The specific study should be focused on the following group of toxic substances:

176. The method of suspension preparation depends on the properties of its components. Specify the substances having hydrophobic properties:

177. A pharmacy received a prescription for an oil liniment including streptocidum. What is the type of disperse system of this preparation?

178. Biochemical blood test revealed low level of serum iron. What disease are these changes typical for?

179. A pharmaceutical manufacturer develops a system of product. The focus is laid on the maximum involvement of agent network. What type of marketing is applied?

180. What is the function of anhydrous lanolin in the suppository mass used for suppositories prepared by hand rolling?

181. A pharmaceutical analyst analyzes xeroform. Which of the following reagents can he use to identify bismuth in xeroform?

182. It is required to prove the presence of bismuth ions in the mineral residue. What preliminary reaction is used for this purpose?

183. Which of the following antihypertensive drugs has potassium-sparing action?

184. Pharmacies prepare injectable solutions. Which solution is prepared without any stabilizer?

185. In case of simultaneous use of metronidazole and oral anticoagulants derived from coumarin patients must be warned about:

186. A retail pharmacy has been purchasing goods within an accounting period. What changes to the balance will result from this business transaction?

187. Phenobarbital drug has a sedative, hypnotic and anti-epileptic effect. What is its international nonproprietary name?

188. A patient has been prescribed hand-rolled rectal suppositories with 0,1 g of aminophylline. What is the amount of base required for each suppository, provided that the suppository weight is not specified in the formulation?

189. Pharmaceutical market of Ukraine comprises pharmacies of various forms of ownership. Specify the form of ownership for a community pharmacy:

190. A laboratory for drug quality control checks the quality of the drug substance nitrofural (furacilin). The chemical denomination of this drug is:

191. Which of the following sublingual drugs quickly relieves an attack of stenocardia?

192. What solution is used for the detection of iron (II) ions under the SPhU requirements?

193. At the end of the reporting period a pharmacy makes an analysis of its commercial and financial activities. What economic index describing the commercial and financial performance is defined as the ratio of the pharmacy profit to the turnover?

194. Treatment of a patient who has developed an attack of bronchial asthma for the first time should be started with:

195. A 35-year-old patient with tachycardia has been administered propranolol. Which of the following reactions may be caused by the use of beta-blockers?

196. Pharmaceutical depot received a batch of herbal material of cinnamon rose. What substance determines the quality of the raw material?

197. A pharmaceutist prepared the massage cream of the following composition: Beeswax 12,0 Almond oil 68,5 Spermaceti 12,0 Anhydrous lanolin 7,5 Essential oil of lavender 3 drops. Specify the cream type:

198. Production, labour and socioeconomic relations between the head of a pharmaceutical company and the workforce are regulated by:

199. During the working day a pharmaceutist prepared five dosage forms. Which of them requires a complete chemical control?

200. A 67-year-old patient with chronic heart failure takes digoxin. In order to reduce its side effects the patient’s doctor recommended to combine it with the followig drug: