Буклет 2012 року

Англійською мовою для іноземних студентів

Всього тестових завдань:
Вірних відповідей:

1. A pharmacy received a prescription for preparation of dermatological ointment with benzylpenicillin. Specify the type of ointment that necessary to prepare:

2. An advance holder (accountant) was given some money from the cash fund of an enterprise for purchase of office accessories. After the cash advance the advance holder must submit the complete application of funds statement no later than:

3. A patient suffering from allergic rhinitis was prescribed ephedrine in form of nasal drops. The patient has significantly benefited from nasal instillation, and this stimulated him to use the drug every 2 hours. But under these conditions the drug appeared to be ineffective. What is the most likely cause of this phenomenon?

4. An analytical laboratory has to analyze ferrous sulfate heptahydrate according to the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine. A test portion of the substance should be titrated with the following solution:

5. A pharmacy received a batch of drugs from a wholesale firm. What document signed by an authorized person is the basis for further sale of drugs?

6. Which of the following is the drug of choice for bronchial asthma attacks prevention?

7. A chemical department produces alcohol solution of boric acid. What filters are used for filtration of this solution?

8. A patient came to a drugstore and ordered cowberry leaves. Which of the available herbal raw materials can be offered as a substitute?

9. A patient with hypertensive crisis received an injection of ganglionic blocker benzohexonium. What side effect might be expected after the drug injection?

10. A pharmacy produces compounded drugs. What kinds of internal control of drugs production are required?

11. A pregnant woman fell ill with severe pneumonia. Which of these antimicrobials should be administered to this patient?

12. Quality control of tablets produced at a pharmaceutical enterprise involves quantitative determination of such subsidiary substances as talc and aerosil. What method is applied for such determination?

13. Companies producing injectable dosage forms apply different methods of ampoule sealing. Sealing against a jet of inert gases (nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide) is suitable for the following injection solutions:

14. Inventory of human resources at pharmaceutical companies is based on keeping of work record books, employee’s files, personal data sheets T-2. What parameter CANNOT be estimated by the analysis of the above-mentioned date?

15. A pharmaceutical enterprise that has achieved high sales rates and customers’ recognition will reach the highest profit at the following stage of the product life cycle:

16. An analytical chemist working at an analytical laboratory identifies a drug by the sulfite ions according to the requirements of the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine. What reagent gets decolorized during this assay?

17. Select the reductant required for the determination of arsenic impurity in drugs (method 2):

18. A forensic medicine laboratory received some biological material. It should be analyzed for the presence of trichlorfon and dichlorvos. For their isolation a toxicologist infuses them with:

19. A pharmaceutic plant producing ointments can use the following equipment at the packing stage:

20. A pharmaceutist prepared 150 ml of Adonis vernalis infusion using dry extract concentrate [1:1] that had to be weighed in the amount of:

21. A pharmaceutical company conducted an age-specific segment analysis of the regional antihistamine market. It revealed the lack of antihistamines for children. The company will consider this segment as:

22. A patient with atopic dermatitis presented at the hospital. Which drug with anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effect should be administered to this patient?

23. Analgin substance has been sent for analysis. What method allows to evaluate quantitative content of analgin?

24. A patient fell ill with severe pneumonia was prescribed ceftriaxonum once a day. Prescription of ceftriaxonum once a day connected with the fact that the drug:

25. One of the quality indicators for finished ampoules is lack of residual stress in the glass. Which operation at the stage "Preparation of ampoules to be fi-lled"eliminates this imperfection?

26. A patient after bee’s stings has angi-oedema (Quincke’s edema). Which drug should be immediately inject to eliminate this condition?

27. According to the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine, in order to test a substance for the highest level of magnesium impurities an analytical chemist must use the following solution:

28. A syrup contains 82 parts of sugar syrup; 1 part of KJ (KBr); 12 parts of liquid thyme extract and 5 parts of 96% ethanol. What is this medicine called?

29. Compulsory deductions from employee’s salary are made by the accounting department independently. Specify a deduction which can be made only on the grounds of written permit of an employee:

30. During a surgical operation the muscle relaxant tubocurarine chloride was used. What antagonist drug should be injected in order to allow the patient to breathe independently?

31. Powders that quickly enter into a reaction in presence of water and emit carbon dioxide relate to the following group:

32. Incoming control is conducted in the course of wholesale and retail trade, such control is carried out during receipt of goods by visual inspection or analysis of drug. Incoming control is carried out by authorized person, which is assigned by:

33. Oxidation of some toxins within the body results in generation of compounds that increase their toxicity. Thus, due to the oxidation of heptachlor in the body the folowing compound is formed:

34. An elderly patient has constipation caused by hypotonia of colon. What drug should be administered to this patient?

35. A 6-year-old child with pneumonia has been administered an antibiotic. After treatment the child lost his hearing. What group of antibiotics might have caused this complication?

36. Treatment of poisonings with inorganic mercury compounds includes the use of the following antidote:

37. Method of gas-liquid chromatography is often applied for identification and quantitative determination of toxicologically meaningful substances. Substances can be placed into the chromatograph dispenser in the following aggregate states:

38. For the purpose of sales stimulation a pharmaceutical wholesale company grants its customers a discount according to the social contract and on condition of their loyalty. Specify the type of discount:

39. A pharmacy received a batch of goods from a supplier. What is the main financial document for posting the goods at the pharmacy?

40. Spesify the type of the following liniment: Ol. Helianthi 7,4 Sol. Ammonii caustici 25 ml Ac. Oleinici 0,1 M.f. linimentum D.S. To be rubbed in.

41. The patient has been prescribed Lini-mentum Rosentali. It is composed of:

42. Pharmaceutical chemistry studies methods of drug synthesis. Interaction of anesthesin with beta-diethylaminoethanol in presence of sodium alcoholate with following acidation with hydrochloric acid results in origination of:

43. A patient has chronic pancreatitis with apparent presentations of pancreatic exocrine hypofunction. Which of the following drugs would be the most appropriate in this case?

44. In the process of pressing the tablets adhere to the pressing tool. The technological error is the lack of:

45. When a certain drug reduces the effect of another drug, such phenomenon is called:

46. According to the basic regulations for supply of medical products, pharmacies should be supplied with medicaments with a remaining shelf life of no less than ... %, and bacterial preparations of no less than ...%:

47. Anesthesin relates to substances with local anesthetic activity and is a derivative of the following acid:

48. Aerosol workshop of a pharmaceutic plant uses propellents of different groups. What propellents relate to the group of compressed gases?

49. A pharmacy received a prescription: Rp.: Dibazoli0,05 Papaverini hydrochloridi 0,15 Sacchari 2,5 M. fiat pulv. Divide in partes aequales №10. Specify the weight of a single powder dose:

50. Efficiency of aerosol therapy is to a considerable extent determined by the size of disperse particles. What factor determines the size of aerosol particles during dispersion of an aerosol?

51. A pharmaceutical company produces cordiamin solution. During the quality control its quantitative content was determined by means of refractometry. For this purpose an analytical chemist measured:

52. Treatment course of essential hypertension includes diuretics. Which diuretic DOES NOT NEED to be combined with potassium preparations?

53. In course of isoniazid identification a pharmacy analyst boiled thoroughly the substance with 2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene. The substance turned yellow, after adding alkaline solution it turned first violet and then brownish-red. As a result of this reaction the following aldehyde derivative is produced:

54. Which of the following drugs is used for thrombolytic therapy in case of myocardial infarction?

55. Marketing manager at a pharmaceutical factory is planning its communication policy. Which component of the marketing communication systems has the highest value for one contact?

56. A pharmaceutist prepares a suspension ointment. What substance is soluble in water, but should be incorporated into the dermatological ointments as a suspension?

57. A 15-year-old patient has been first diagnosed with type I diabetes mellitus. Which antihyperglycemic drug should be administered in this case?

58. A pharmaceutist revealed incompatibility in a prescription for powders with ascorbic acid and hexamethylene tetrami-ne. What process takes place when these components are combined?

59. A common method for quantitative determination of drugs from the group of alkali metal halogenides is:

60. Most alkaloids are isolated from the biological material by means of polar solvents. Which of the listed alkaloids is isolated by the way of distillation with water vapour?

61. A pharmaceutical plant produces suppositories. What is the best method for their manufacturing in industrial quantities?

62. In order to identify a drug an analytical chemist of the State Inspectorate for Quality Control of Medicines carries out the reaction with ninhydrin solution. Specify the drug to be identified:

63. A pharmacy analyst can verify presence of iron cation (II) in a drug formulation by means of the following solution:

64. One of the methods of quantitative analysis of active substances in the raw material is the biological standardization. It can be applied with the following group of biologically active substances:

65. A doctor gave a prescription for the tincture of digitalis with hydrochloric acid. What is the reason for their incompatibility?

66. A pharmaceutist prepared powders including extract of belladonna in the amount of 0,015 per dose. For ten doses he had to take the following amount of dry extract:

67. An interhospital pharmacy got an order from a surgical department for a depolarizing muscle relaxant for surgical interventions. What drug was ordered?

68. In the medical practice this compound is used as a disinfectant. In case of intoxication with this compound the patient’s urine turns olive or olive-black. Specify the compound:

69. A patient with atherosclerosis has been administered an anti-atherosclerotic agent. Specify this drug:

70. In course of pharmacotherapy of bronchitis a patient was found to have dyspeptic disorders, photodermatitis, liver dysfunction. Which of the prescribed drugs might have caused these manifestations?

71. The ability of drugs to accumulate in the patient’s body is called:

72. A pharmaceutist has to sterilize 400 ml of calcium gluconate solution for injections. Specify the time of autoclave sterilization of the solution at 120°C:

73. Prior hydrolysis is necessary in case of quantitative determination of the following drug by the nitritometric titration:

74. Fatty oil containing unsaturated fatty acids is used for the prevention of atherosclerosis. Specify the herbal raw material used for oil production:

75. A laboratory received some herbal raw material for analysis. The plant had flowerheads up to 4 cm in diameter, the marginal flowers were agamic, blue, funnel-shaped; the inner flowers were bisexual, purple, tubular. What plant are these features typical for?

76. Having ascertained that the quality of raw material meets the requirements of the analytical normative documentation the quality control department should issue a document. Specify this document:

77. When the glucose is heated with the copper-tartrate reagent (Fehling’s reagent) the brick-red precipitate settles down. It indicates presence of the following group:

78. A pharmaceutist prepared solution of ethacrydine lactate. What is the peculiarity of this substance dissolving?

79. A patient has been administered a spasmolytic from the group of muscarinic receptor antagonists as a part of the complex treatment for renal colic. Specify this drug:

80. Which of the pharmacy departments is responsible for checking the quantity and quality of received goods, their storage and dispensing to other departments?

81. A pharmaceutical factory produces herbal juice out of fresh raw material. What operation should be performed at the stage of juice purification?

82. A patient with myocardial infarction has been given an intravenous injection of a direct-acting anticoagulant. Select it among the listed drugs:

83. A female patient in the first trimester of pregnancy has been diagnosed with acute pyelonephritis. What is the antibiotic drug of choice for treating this patient?

84. A patient with acute heart failure and intolerance of cardiac glycosides has been given an injection of dobutamine. What is the mechanism of its action?

85. During an operation a dentist needs to reduce salivation in a patient. The dentist has to use a drug of the following pharmacological group:

86. Emodin, an anthracene derivative, haspurgative effect. Large quantities of anthracene-derived groups of emodin are contained in the fruits of the following plant:

87. О-methylation is an important way of biotransformation of organic substances in the body. Compounds subject to О-methylation should contain:

88. Recommend a patient with acute bronchitis a mucolytic drug that facilitates expectoration:

89. A pharmaceutist prepared suppository mass with novocaine and cocoa butter, but it turned out to be crumbling. What substance to be added to form a plastic mass:

90. The manufacturing pharmaceutical company "Elema"set up its own corporate pharmacy. In this case, it uses the following distribution channel:

91. Urine of an intoxicated person was found to contain ecgonine. This indicates poisoning with the following substance:

92. A 52-year-old patient had myocardial infarction and was discharged from the hospital after the stationery treatment. What daily dose of acetylsalicylic acid should be administered in order to prevent thrombosis?

93. A patient has been administered a solution containing boric acid and camphor. What solvent should his doctor prescribe in order to prevent physical incompatibility?

94. Which drug is used for thrombolysis in case of acute myocardial infarction?

95. Preparations of sorrel roots can have both a laxative and astringent effect. This is due to the presence of the following biologically active substances:

96. A patient who has taken phenobarbi-tal for a long time was prescribed diclofenac sodium. However the anti-inflammatory effect of diclofenac appeared to be less than expected due to the pharmacokinetic interaction of these drugs. Such interaction might be the result of the following processes:

97. A teenager with hyporexia has been recommended to drink medicinal herbal tea of the following composition: Herba Absinthii, Herba Millefolii. Specify the characteristic microscopic features of Artemisia absinthium, which indicate its presence in the herb mixture:

98. An analytical chemist working at a pharmacy identifies oxacillin sodium salt. As a reagent he uses hydroxylami-ne hydrochloride solution in presence of sodium hydroxide solution and copper nitrate solution. What structural fragment of a drug molecule can be detected by means of these reagents?

99. On the 4th day of treatment with indomethacin a 55-year-old patient developed gastric bleeding as a result of ulceration of the gastric mucosa. Ulcerogenic effect of this drug is due to a decrease in activity of the following enzyme:

100. When a pharmacy records goods as received, it normally specifies the amount of the markup intended for expenditure coverage and profit gaining. Give the definition for the markup:

101. To stop the delusions and hallucinations in a schizophrenic patient a doctor administered aminazine. What is the mechanism of antihypoxic action of this drug?

102. A patient with gastric ulcer has been administered omeprazole. What is its mechanism of action?

103. A laboratory received some herbal raw material for analysis. It is a composition of ovoid-pointed leaves up to 25 cm long and 20 cm wide; the leaf base is cuneate, the leaf edge is emarginate, The cutting is long and cylindric. The leaf venation is pinnatisect; the midrib and the first-order veins project significantly on the inferior surface of the leaf. The superior leaf surface is dark green, the inferior surface is light green. The plant has a weak narcotic smell. The taste cannot be determined. The plant is poisonous! The described herbal raw material relates to the following plant:

104. A man with a long history of chronic hepatitis has been diagnosed with pneumonia. Which of the following antibacterial drugs can be applied in this clinical situation?

105. Medicinal plant Rhamnus cathartica is used as a laxative. What part of this plant is used as herbal raw material?

106. Natural persons registered as small business entities with simplified taxation scheme (2 group) have the limit for the annual amount of sales proceeds. Specify the proceeds limit:

107. A patient with chronic bronchitis gets glaucine hydrochloride at a pharmacy. The patient must be warned about the following typical side effect of this drug:

108. At the initial stage of establishing a pharmaceutical enterprise the internal disciplinary regulations should be adopted. One of the primary matters is the duration of the lunch break for the employees. According to the Labour Code of Ukraine, the break duration must be as follows:

109. A pharmaceutic plant producing aerosol forms uses liquefied gases as propellents. Which of the following substances relates to the group of liquefied gases?

110. A pharmacy manager is writing the monthly "Inventory report". What business transactions should be represented in the expenditure item of the report?

111. A patient got an injection of 0,25% novocaine solution for the purpose of anaesthetization. Suddenly the patient has presented with red spots, intense sweating, tachycardia, bronchospasm, edema of nasal mucous membrane. What is the cause of this complication?

112. Preparations made out of eleutherococcus roots and rhizomes are administered as a tonic and adaptogenic drug. If these preparations cannot be found in a pharmacy, they can be substituted by the analogous preparations made of the following raw material:

113. Pharmaceutical market is in such a situation when there is only one company selling a certain product. Specify the competitive structure of the market:

114. Specify the reaction to the ester-type drugs that is tolerated by the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine:

115. Forensic toxicological analysis of a mineralizate revealed copper. For preliminary determination of copper ions the following substance is used:

116. The main active components of hawthorn berries are flavonoids. What is their pharmacological effect?

117. A pharmacy manager is working out a schedule for a pharmaceutist who is responsible for prescription reception and drug serving out. What is the weekly working time for one employee?

118. In order to identify ouabain (strophanthine G), a drug from the group of cardiac glycosides, an analytical chemist must prove the presence of a steroid cycle. What acid should be used as a reagent?

119. A pharmaceutical company focuses on selling a diverse range of products covering different customer groups and regions. What kind of organizational structure is typical for such company?

120. A doctor prescribed his patient an emulsion of olive oil which includes anesthesin. To incorporate anesthesin into the emulsion it must be dissolved:

121. A pharmacy has a license for selling narcotic drugs. The warrant for the receipt of these drugs from the pharmacy warehouse is valid for:

122. A pharmacy store was supplied with 100 packs of a product listed as Nitroglycerine. With regard to its physicochemical properties this preparation should be rated among the following drug group?

123. In order to verify identity of tropan derivatives, Vitali’s reaction is applied. For that purpose the medications should be first decomposed with nitric acid and then treated with alcoholic solution of potassium hydroxide and acetone. What effect will be observed?

124. A 24-year-old patient has been suffering from diabetes mellitus type I for 8 years. Diabetic nephropathy provoked development of symptomatic arterial hypertension. Which of the folowing drugs is indicated for long-term therapy?

125. When developing a new drug a manufacturer may apply different strategies of brand use. If a company uses one brand name for all of its products, such strategy is called:

126. A pharmaceutist prepares internal drops with the following formulation: 5 ml of adoniside, 10 ml of valerian and lily-of-the-valley tincture each, 0,1 g of menthol, 2,0 g of potassium bromide. It will be efficient to dissolve potassium bromide in the following substance:

127. A pharmacy procured common origanum. What drying conditions should be applied for producing high quality crude drug?

128. An analytical chemist determines the admixture of sulphates in the boric acid. What is the main reagent to be added?

129. For accounting business transactions carried out in a pharmacy the synthetic accounts are used. Their list is given in the Chart of Accounts. Balances of the I, II and III account classes are used for completion of the following document:

130. A pharmacy sells drugs by retail. Omnopon relates to the following group of controlled drugs:

131. Company’s activity aimed at planning, organization and control of physical movement of materials and finished goods from the production site to the place of their utilization for the purpose of covering the consumer needs and gaining profit, is called:

132. Before accepting the goods by a pharmacy, they should be checked for quantity and quality. If there is no discrepancy, the pharmacy issues a warrant for receipt of goods. This warrant is valid for:

133. A pharmaceutist is preparing an ointment under aseptic conditions on the sterile ointment base - composition of vaseline and lanoline at a ratio 6:4. The drug substance is incorporated by suspension type. Such technology of ointment preparation is typical for the following substance:

134. Diethyl ether relates to simple ethers. Prior to its identification by using the boiling temperature an analytical chemist must ensure that there are no:

135. An analytical laboratory received "Aether anaestheticus" for analysis. What reagent should be used for detecting acetone and aldehyde impurities according to the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine?

136. A pharmacy received a batch of medicines from a pharmacy depot. Specify the drug subject to the controlled substance inventory in pharmacies:

137. A phytopreparation "Flacarbi-num"has spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory and antiulcer effect. This preparation is produced out of the following plant:

138. An analytical laboratory received calcium gluconate for analysis. What method is used for its quantification?

139. Streptocide, sulfacyl sodium, norsulfazole or sulfadimezinum can be identified by means of the reaction to form:

140. Which anaesthetic, anti-inflammatory, the least harmful for the stomach preparation can be recommended to a patient with exacerbation of rheumatoid arthritis?

141. A pharmaceutist has prepared an emulsion. Specify the way of incorporation of the fat-soluble substances:

142. A woman died from pesticide poisoning as a result of processing of agricultural crops. Measurement of organophosphorous compounds in the extracts of biological material should be started with the following test:

143. An analytical chemist determines the quantity of a drug by the method of indirect bromatometry. Which of the following titrated solutions is to be used?

144. Which drug with antagonistic effect can be used to stop bleeding caused by prolonged use of neodicumarinum?

145. In order to determine the purity a drop of lavender essential oil was applied on a strip of filter paper and warmed up in the stream of warm air. Some time later the stain increased in diameter. What impuri- ty substance was found in the lavender oil?

146. The founders are going to open a retail pharmacy. What way of business running is stipulated in this case?

147. Comparative analysis of the performance of two pharmacies showed that the trade stock in terms of days was 20 and 30 days respectively. Which of these indicators is NOT USED for calculating the trade stock?

148. A pharmacy selling officinal drugs is a successful participant of the pharmaceutical market. Specify the business transaction which is qualified as pharmacy revenue:

149. A pharmaceutist was on a business trip. What is the deadline for submitting a travel expense report?

150. The planning of marketing strategy involves two successive stages. What are the stages of the strategic planning process?

151. A pharmacy provides its customers with officinal medicines. Specify the business transaction which is qualified as pharmacy expenses:

152. During the combined pharmacotherapy a patient with peptic ulcer presented with black-coloured feces. What drug might have caused such change?

153. Which of the following non-steroid anti-inflammatory agents has the least harmful effect on the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract?

154. A pharmacy received some medicines from the warehouse. What medicine is subject to the stocktaking in the pharmaceutical institutions?

155. A pharmacy got an order for manzanita decoction and hexamethylenetetramine. A pharmacist cancelled it with a stamp "Invalid prescription". What is the reason for the incompatibility?

156. A 70-year-old patient consulted a doctor about elevated arterial pressure. He has a history of benign hyperplasia of prostate. What drug should be administered in this case?

157. A patient complaining of dry mouth, photophobia and blurred vision has been delivered to the admission ward. Objectively: the skin is hyperaemic, dry; mydriatic pupils and tachycardia are present. He has been diagnosed with belladonna alkaloids intoxication. Which of the drugs should be given as an antidote?

158. A patient got intoxicated with an unknown substance. Test of biological material revealed pH=2,0-3,0. The chemico-toxicological analysis should be carried out for the following group of substances:

159. The risk can arise from some forms of activity connected with production of goods and services, their selling, commodity-money and financial operations, commerce, implementation of socioeconomic and scientific-and-technical projects. This is the definition for the following concept:

160. A pharmaceutist is preparing vaginal suppositories by method of pouring. Which hydrophilic base can he use for this purpose?

161. From the pharmaceutical stock select an anticholinesterase drug to be administered to the patients with atony of the intestine and urinary bladder in the postoperative period:

162. In order to detect peroxides in the anesthetic ether an analytical chemist should use the following reagent:

163. Which of the following drugs can be quantified by an analytical chemist by ceriometry method?

164. A manufacturing company initiates changes to the package insert of a drug aimed at limitation of its use. What type of marketing is used by the company in this case?

165. The amount of temporary disability benefit for pharmacy employees depends on the time in employment: employees with 5 years of service record receive ...%, 5 to 8 years -... %, over 8 years -... %.

166. A pharmaceutist made 10 powders containing atropine sulfate at a rate of 0,00005 pro dose. What trituration did he use?

167. As main reagent in test for phosphates admixtures the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia recommends to use:

168. A pharmacy received a batch of raw material - chamomile flowers. How should this material be stored?

169. A pharmacy received an order for 2500 ml of isotonic sodium chloride soluti- on. How much sodium chloride and water for injections should be taken to prepare this dosage form?

170. Admixtures can get into the herbal raw material during harvesting, drying and primary processing. Mineral admixtures include:

171. A patient with cholelithiasis should be administered the following drug for the dissolution of cholesterol gallstones:

172. A pharmacy received a prescription for powders with doctor’s instruction to dispense powders in gelatin capsules. Which of the following substances is included in the composition of these powders?

173. A patient with moderately severe pneumonia has been administered ceftriaxone 1 time per day. The drug should be taken once a day due to the following properties:

174. A woman asked a pharmaceutist to dispense an antipyretic for an 8-month-old child. Which drug should be recommended?

175. A pharmacy produces some injection solutions that have to be apyrogenic. Solution of the following substance can be depyrogenized by method of adsorption with activated carbon?

176. Which preparation is the specific antidote in case of intoxication with iron preparations?

177. One of the account forms of a pharmacy is the statement of balance (Form 1) which consists of the assets and liabilities. What are the elements of the assets of a pharmacy?

178. A patient got intoxicated with nitrites. Nitrites can be detected by means of the reaction of azo-dye formation with the following acid:

179. A pharmacy plans to purchase and retail goods of different stock record units. Which group of goods does VAT reduction apply to?

180. A pharmacy has to prepare a soft drug based on the gel made from inorganic substances. Which of these high-molecular compounds can be used for preparing such a base?

181. When doing calculations to determine the limit of the cash balance, an accountant must specify the actual amount of cash receipts. What time period should be taken into account?

182. A patient has been taking isosorbi-de for stenocardia prevention for quite a long time. Now he notes a significant decrease in the effect of the drug. What is this phenomenon called?

183. A pharmaceutical enterprise produces ointments. What base is applied for production of sulfur ointment simple?

184. A pharmaceutist has prepared a tincture of althaea root. What is the proportion of herbal raw material and extractant?

185. Injection solutions of salts derived from weak acids and strong bases require stabilization. What stabilizers are used for these solutions?

186. Phytochemical workshop of a pharmaceutical plant produces biogenic stimulators from different raw materials. Specify the biogenic stimulators of animal origin:

187. In order to identify a drug an analytical chemist of the State Inspectorate for Quality Control performs a lignin test. Specify this drug:

188. A patient with schizophrenia has been administered a neuroleptic. Which of the listed drugs falls into this group?

189. Select a reagent that should be applied by an analytical chemist in order to detect alkaloids in the herbal raw material:

190. The equity capital of a pharmacy is 7500 UAH, the liabilities make 2500 UAH. According to the formula of balance calculation given in the Statement of Standard Accounting Practice 2 the amount of pharmacy assets will be as follows:

191. The possible admixture in the crop of raw coltsfoot leaves (Tussilago farfara) is the leaf of:

192. It is necessary to analyze herbal raw material in form of black glossy drupes 6-8 mm in diameter, with a large, firm, globular, light brown kernel containing one seed. The drupes have sweet and slightly astringent taste. This herbal raw material should be identified as fruits of:

193. A patient who has been suffering from gastric diseases for a long time is found to have hyperchromic anemia. Which of the following drugs is applied for this pathology treatment?

194. Absorption of tetracycline preparations will be reduced when they are administered simultaneously with antacids. This is an example for:

195. Benzathine benzylpenicillin is the drug of choice for treating the following disease:

196. The ampoule workshop produces solutions for injections. The aminophylli-ne solution for injections relates to the following group of solutions:

197. A pharmacy received a prescription for a mixture. What drug substances are incompatible?

198. What substance will impede reaction of iodoform test aimed at detection of ethyl alcohol in the biological material?

199. A patient acquired mint leaves at a pharmacy. What recommendations regarding infusion of this herbal raw material must be given by the pharmaceutist?

200. Three founders set up a business entity for the wholesale distribution of medicines and healthcare products. Specify the form of such company: