Буклет 2011 року

Англійською мовою для іноземних студентів

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Вірних відповідей:

1. In order to get registered in state authorities pharmacies as legal persons must possess authorized capital stock. What amount is identified as the authorized capital stock?

2. In Ukraine the out-patients are supplied with narcotic and psychotropic drugs only by prescription. Medicoprophylactic institutions receive prescription blanks (Form 3) from the following source:

3. A pharmacist-technologist received an ointment formulation. Rp.: Unguentum Resorcini 1,5% -10,0 Da. Signa. To be applied on the affected skin The pharmaceutist incorporated dry medical substance into the ointment by the following way:

4. A common method for quantitative determination of drugs from the group of alkali metal halogenides is:

5. Name a "metal poison"which is isolated from the biological material by the method of destruction:

6. A 70-year-old patient consulted a doctor about elevated arterial pressure. He has a history of benign hyperplasia of prostate. What drug should be administered in this case?

7. Antacid gastritis can be treated with plantain juice. What is the way of its extraction?

8. What drug may cause constipation in a patient undergoing combined therapy for arterial hypertension?

9. A gravida in her 20th week of gestation got ill with pneumonia. What chemotherapeutical drug may be administered with no risk for the fetus development?

10. During local anaesthetizati-on novocaine solution is usually compounded with solution of adrenaline hydrochloride. What is the purpose of this action?

11. Select a loop diuretic of strong, emergency and short-term action from the listed below:

12. Benzylpenicillin sodium is not used per os, because this drug:

13. While filling hard gelatin capsules such glidants as 0,1% - 0,3% aerosil or magnesium stearate along with 0,5% - 1% talc are often added to the filling agent in order to improve the following properties:

14. According to the Labour Code, compulsory deductions from the salaries of pharmacy employees include:

15. A pharmaceutical enterprise produces water solutions. The solution of the following substance is produced by method of chemical interaction and electrochemically:

16. It is required to analyse some herbal raw material in form of shiny black drupes up to 6-8 mm in diameter; the bone is large, very firm, spherical, light brown, with a single seed; it has a sweet, slightly astringent taste. This herbal raw material should be qualified as a fruit of:

17. A pharmaceutist revealed incompatibility in a prescription for powders with ascorbic acid and hexamethylenetetramine. What process takes place when these components are combined?

18. A patient with cholelithiasis was prescribed the following drug for the purpose of cholesterol gallstone dissolution:

19. A pharmaceutist refused preparation of nasal drops to a patient because of incompatibility between collargol and di-medrol written in the prescription. What is the reason for incompatibility between these ingredients?

20. An edema can be relieved by means of hypertonic solutions. What phenomenon takes place in the blood cells after injection of such solution?

21. A pharmacy has sulfonamide biseptol on sale. What chemical compounds are the main components of this drug?

22. According to the requirements of the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine, a pharmacy analyst determines iron admixture in a preparation by means of citric and thioglycolic acids. What staining indicates presence of this admixture?

23. While studying the reaction of an "acid"chloroform extraction in acidic medium with sodium nitrite, a forensic toxicologist got a compound stained emerald green. Which of the substances is capable of forming the mentioned ni-trose compound?

24. Which antiseptic preparation has bactericidal effect due to the formation of atomic oxygen?

25. A pharmacy plans to purchase and retail goods of different stock record units. Which group of goods does VAT reduction apply to?

26. Which of the following non-steroid anti-inflammatory agents has the least harmful effect on the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract?

27. For the natural persons being small business subjects the simplified tax system is effective. But there is a limit of annual proceeds upon sale. What is the boundary amount of proceeds?

28. The main active components of senna leaves and fruits are sennosides A, B, C,

29. A pharmacy received a prescription for a topical powder including a substance that is hard to disperse. Which of the listed fluids may be used for dispersing the substance?

30. Aerosol production involves application of different groups of propellents. What propellents relate to the group of compressed gases?

31. An analytical chemist analyses the substance of ethylmorphine hydrochloride. The substance purity is tested by method of semi-microanalysis. What reagent is used to determine the water admixture?

32. Substance of calcium pangamate is to be studied in n analytical laboratory. Calcium cation forms a white precipitate with the following reagent:

33. A consulting pharmacist informed a patient about possible side effect of metronidazole that is normally provoked by alcohol intake. What is the mechanism of this phenomenon?

34. A 26-year-old patient was diagnosed with community-acquired pneumonia provoked by mycoplasma. Choose the appropriate antimicrobial preparation for the patient treatment:

35. A patient has been taking isosorbi-de for stenocardia prevention for quite a long time. Now he notes a significant decrease in the effect of the drug. What is this phenomenon called?

36. A patient with hypertension has been administered one of antihypertensive drugs. Blood pressure dropped back to normal, but the patient has developed a persistent dry cough. Which of the following drugs has such a side effect?

37. A pharmaceutist has applied for a job of a stockkeeper at a wholesale pharmaceutical enterprise. What trial period doesn’t require agreement with the trade-union committee?

38. In Ukraine natural persons as small business entities are allowed to use the simplified tax system. What limit on the number of employees is established for such enterprises?

39. An analytical chemist was identifying xeroform in reaction with sodium sulphide. As a result of reaction a black solid dropped out. What ion was detected?

40. A 45-year-old patient has been taking neodicumarinum for thrombophlebitis for two weeks. The regular blood test revealed a decrease in prothrombin concentration, microhematuria. Which drug should be used as neodicumarinum antagonist?

41. Pharmaceutical plants produce enteric-coated tablets. According to the requirements of the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine, the coating mustn’t disintegrate in the acidic medium within the following period:

42. Most alkaloids are isolated from the biological material by polar solvents. Which of the listed alkaloids is isolated by the way of distillation with water vapour?

43. One of the quality indicators for finished ampoules is lack of residual stress in the glass. Which operation at the stage "Preparation of ampoules to be filled "eliminates this imperfection?

44. A licensed state-owned pharmacy obtains and retails narcotic drugs. Which state authority develops and revises the list of the drugs allowed in Ukraine?

45. For accounting business transactions carried out in a pharmacy the synthetic accounts are used. Their list is given in the Chart of Accounts. Balances of the I, II and III account classes are used for completion of the following document:

46. Underground organs of medicinal plants that accumulate the most of active substances should be collected:

47. How much water should be taken in order to prepare 200 ml of aqueous extract of motherwort (water absorption coefficient = 2 ml/g)?

48. A patient complaining of dry mouth, photophobia and blurred vision has been delivered to the admission ward. Objectively: the skin is hyperemic, dry, mydriatic pupils and tachycardia are present. He has been diagnosed with belladonna alkaloids intoxication. Which of the drugs should be given as an antidote?

49. A pharmacy analyst analizes distilled water. For this purpose he brings some amount of the sample material to the boiling point, adds 0,02 M solution of potassium permanganate and diluted sulfuric acid. After 5 minutes of boiling the pink colour of the produced solution should not change. The pharmacy analyst tries to detect the following admixture:

50. A patient suffering from stomach ulcer was prescribed an antiulcer drug that also reduces secretion of hydrochloric acid and inhibits Chelicobacter pylori. What drug is it?

51. Eye drops are prepared with an ointment base which is an alloy of vaseline and lanolin. Specify the method of its sterilization:

52. A pharmaceutist made a medicinal preparation according to the following formulation: Rp.: Chloroformii Olei Helianthi Methylii salicylatis ana 10,0 M.D.S. For infriction. Specify the kind of disperse system:

53. A pharmacy received drugs that are included in the National List of Essential Medicines. When supplying these drugs to the public hospitals, pharmacies are entitled to mark-up the drug charges at the rate of:

54. A pharmaceutist is preparing powders according to the following formulation: Rp.: Scopolamini hydrobromidi 0,0003 Ephedrini hydrochlorodi 0,05 Sachari 0,15 M.f. pulvis

55. Production of injection solutions involves an operation of solution filtration. What filters are used for sterile filtration?

56. A routine inventory revealed a cash shortage. Who must reimburse the sum of the identified shortage?

57. A doctor prescribed an olive oil emulsion whose composition includes anesthesin. In order that anesthesin can be incorpotated into the emulsion it should be dissolved:

58. A pharmacy analyst carries out purity test of the drug substance "Sodium thi- osulfate". Violet colour, that comes from reaction with sodium nitroprusside, indicates the presence of the following admixture:

59. Sales of medical cosmetics retailed in pharmacies are taxable at the VAT rate of 20%. Who is charged with it?

60. Calamus rhizome is likely to be confused with some other plant rhizome that can be found as an admixture in the herbal raw material. Specify the most likely admixture:

61. A pharmaceutist prepared eyedrops with boric acid. What sterilization method was applied?

62. According to the current legislation, pharmaceutists get the sickness benefit in case of temporary disability. Specify the source of payment for the first 5 days of being on the sick leave:

63. A chemist of an analytical laboratory studies procaine hydrochloride according to the requirements of the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine. What method is recommended by the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine for the quantitative analysis of this preparation?

64. Which preparation is the specific antidote in case of intoxication with iron preparations?

65. A patient who has been undergoing combined drug therapy for peptic ulcer presents with black feces. Specify a drug that might have caused such a change:

66. A patient suffering from ulcer disease was prescribed famotidine. What is the mechanism of its action?

67. Before the raw plant material is taken over from the supplier, it must be checked for compliance. Which document is the ground for recording raw plant material as received in the pharmacy in case of its approval?

68. A pharmacy is engaged in retail sales of drugs. What group of drugs does atropine sulphate relate to?

69. A patient has been administered powders containing menthol. What is the best way to achieve the required extent of menthol comminution?

70. An analytical laboratory carries out quantitative analysis of sodium citrate by method of ion-exchanging chromatography on a cationite. What titrated solution is to be used for the following titration of generated citric acid?

71. Essential oil of rose is used as an antiinflammatory and antispasmodic agent. It is localized in the following excretory organs:

72. Styles of maize with stigmata containing fatty acids, vitamins, essential oils, saponins and other substances are used as:

73. During inventory of a pharmacy the surplus of inventory holdings was revealed. What actions concerning the surplus should be taken by the inventory comission?

74. A pharmaceutist made a tincture of Adonis herb. A peculiarity of its preparation is that the active substances are derived in:

75. An analytic laboratory received "Aether anaestheticus"for analysis. Which reagent should be used for detection of acetone and aldehyde admixtures according to the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine?

76. A laboratory received some herbal raw material for analysis. It is a composition of ovoid-pointed leaves up to 25 cm long and 20 cm wide; the leaf base is cuneate, the leaf edge is emarginate. The cutting is long and cylindric. The leaf venation is pinnatisect; the midrib and the first-order veins project significantly on the inferior surface of the leaf. The superior leaf surface is dark green, the inferior surface is light green. The plant has a weak narcotic smell. The taste cannot be determined. The plant is poisonous! The described herbal raw material relates to the following plant:

77. An internship doctor prescribed his patient nifuroxazid from the group of ni-trofurans for the treatment of urinary tracts infection. The doctor made a mistake because:

78. Prescriptions for drugs being subject to the stocktaking and supplied on favourable terms or free of charge except for narcotic (psychotropic) drugs and tramadol are written out:

79. In order to arrest stenocardia attacks a patient takes nitroglycerin capsules. What is the rational way of the drug introduction?

80. Preliminary tests involve using various kinds of indicator paper. Blackening of the indicator paper treated with plumbum acetate indicates that the biological object contains:

81. A patient with atherosclerosis has been administered an anti-atherosclerotic agent. Specify this drug:

82. An analytical chemist determines the admixture of sulphates in the boric acid. What is the main reagent that he has to add:

83. A patient presents with morphine intoxication. Which drug should be injected as an antidote?

84. Which of the listed antibacterial drugs should NOT be administered to a patient with diabetes mellitus type II being treated with glibenclamid?

85. A patient has chronic pancreatitis with apparent manifestations of pancreatic exocrine hypofunction. Which of the following drugs would be the most appropriate in this case?

86. О-methylation is an important method of organic substances biotransformation in the body, compounds that are subject to such method contain:

87. A female has prolonged labour. Select a drug that stimulates labour activity due to its physiological effect from the listed below:

88. A patient with chronic bronchitis wants to buy glaucine hydrochloride at a pharmacy. What typical side effect of the drug should the patient be warned against?

89. Coltsfoot preparations are used for upper airways treatment. During procurement of this herbal raw material the following admixture may appear:

90. One of the tablet coatings is enterosoluble capsule. They get solved in:

91. For the purpose of sales stimulation a pharmaceutical wholesale company grants its customers a discount according to the social contract and on condition of their loyalty. Specify the type of discount:

92. A pharmacy makes wholesale purchases of health and hygiene products. An agent works under the contract with the manufacturer and makes deals at the manufacturer’s cost. The agent may be entitled to exclusive distribution in some regions. What kind of agent is it?

93. Tannins have astringent effect and are used for treatment of colitis, enterocolitis, diarrhea. What herbal raw material contains a lot of tannins?

94. A patient with depression has been administered a drug from the group of tri- cyclic antidepressants. Specify this drug:

95. Which of the following reagents should be added to the isoniazid to achieve blue colour and precipitation that turns light-green and emits gases when heated?

96. A pharmaceutist revealed incompatibility in the formulation. Rp.: Sol. Collargoli 1% - 10 ml Sol. Adrenalini hydrochloridi 0,1% - 1i M.D.S. Nasal drops. What chemical process underlies this incompatibility?

97. A patient with bronchial asthma has been administered a drug from the group of beta-adrenergic agonists. Specify this drug:

98. A 30-year-old patient with a sleep disorder and psychoemotional disbalance has been administered diazepam. What is the mechanism of its psychosedative action?

99. It is necessary to prescribe nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drug for patient with rheumatoid arthritis and concomitant duodenal ulcer. Which drug is the drug of choice in this case?

100. The basic structure of steroid hormones is hydrocarbon skeleton -cyclopentane perhydrophenanthrene. What natural compound is used for testosterone propionate production?

101. A patient who has taken phenobarbi-tal for a long time was prescribed diclofenac sodium. However the anti-inflammatory effect of diclofenac appeared to be less than expected due to the pharmacokinetic interaction of these drugs. Such interaction might be the result of the following processes:

102. An anaesthesiologist has to perform an operation under neuroleptanalgesia. Which of the following drug combinations should be used in this case?

103. An analytical chemist makes a test for the presence of sodium thiosulphate. Select a reagent which allows to detect the thiosulphate ion:

104. In the medical practice this compound is used as a disinfectant. In case of intoxication with this compound the patient’s urine turns olive or olive-black. Specify the compound:

105. In case of loss of license a pharmaceutist should address an application for a duplicate to a licensing authority. The licensing authority is obliged to issue the duplicate to the applicant no later than:

106. Which of the listed methods of filling ampoules with injectable solutions can protect the capillaries from contamination with thick and viscous solutions?

107. In course of isoniazid identification a pharmacy analyst boiled thoroughly the substance with 2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene. The substance turned yellow, after adding alkaline solution it turned first violet and then brownish-red. As a result of this reaction the following aldehyde derivative is produced:

108. A forensic chemical laboratory received an object for analysis. The analysis involves quantitative determination of mercury by means of a reaction with di-thizone. What physical-chemical method is used within this analysis?

109. Name the reason for the reduction of anticoagulant effect of syncumar when it is applied in combination with phenobarbital:

110. A pharmacy received a prescription for powders with a too high single dose of phenobarbital not justified by proper documentation. What actions should a pharmaceutist take?

111. A phytochemical production unit produces biogenic stimulators out of different raw materials. Specify the biogenic stimulators of organo-mineral origin:

112. According to the basic regulations for supply of medical products, pharmacies should be supplied with medicaments having a remaining shelf life of no less than ... %, and bacterial preparations of no less than ...%:

113. A biennial or perennial plant from the Apiaceae family has a blue-grey stem branching in its lower part. Its leaves are also blue-grey, finely dissected, with the ultimate filiform segments. The flowers are yellow, in compound umbels. Its fruit is used for production of "dill water". What plant is it?

114. Fatty oil containing saturated fatty acids is used for atherosclerosis prevention. Specify the medicinal plant that is used for oil production:

115. Quality control of tablets produced at a pharmaceutical enterprise involves quantitative determination of such subsidiary substances as talc and aerosil. What method is applied for such determination?

116. A 52-year-old patient was diagnosed with systemic amebiasis accompanied by bowels, liver and lungs affection. What preparation should be administered?

117. A laboratory received some herbal raw material for analysis. The plant had flowerheads up to 4 cm in diameter, the marginal flowers were agamic, blue, funnel-shaped; the inner flowers were bisexual, purple, tubular. What plant has these features?

118. Cardioglycosides of Adonis vernalis are used for heart failure treatment. This plant raw material should be stored:

119. A pharmaceutical company conducted an age-specific segment analysis of the regional antihistamine market. It revealed the lack of antihistamines for children. The company will consider this segment as:

120. What management style is characterized by manager’s particular compliance, when manager initiates goals formation by his subordinate and is ready to accept it without reservations?

121. A pharmaceutist was preparing an ointment with ricin oil and Vaseline but failed to get homogenous system. What is the most likely cause of incompatibility between these components?

122. During a surgical operation the muscle relaxant tubocurarine chloride was used. What antagonist drug should be injected in order to allow the patient to brief independently?

123. Financial accountability of pharmacies consists of separate account forms. Which form presents accounts payable for the goods purchased?

124. Spesify the type of the following liniment: Ol. Helianthi 7,4 Sol. Ammonii caustici 25 ml Ac. Oleinici 0,1 M.f. linimentum D.S. To be rubbed in.

125. The relationships between the demand, supply and price level is studied within the following field of complex market research:

126. The risk can arise from some forms of activity connected with production of goods and services, their selling, commodity-money and financial operations, commerce, implementation of socioeconomic and scientific-and-technical projects. This is the definition for the following concept:

127. During the chemico-toxicological study of the dialysate of an aqueous extract, the ammonia test IS NOT carried out if the dialysate includes the following substance:

128. A pharmacy manager is writing the monthly "Inventory report". What business transactions should be represented in the expenditure item of the report?

129. A pharmaceutical company "Pharmasvet"has patented and produces now a new hypoglycemic preparation. The company markets this product directly through the own sales departments, affiliated sales companies, pharmacy network. Marketing policy of this pharmaceutical company can be characterized by the channel of the following level:

130. A patient got poisoned with nitrites. Nitrite detection by means of azo dye reaction involves using such acid:

131. An analytical chemist determines the quantitative content of caffeine by method of acidometry in nonaqueous media in compliance with the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine. What solution is used as a titrant?

132. A patient who has been suffering from gastric diseases for a long time is found to have hyperchromic anemia. Which of the following drugs is applied for this pathology treatment?

133. Marketing manager at a pharmaceutical factory is planning its communication policy. Which component of the marketing communication systems has the highest value for one contact?

134. At the initial stage of establishing a pharmaceutical enterprise the internal disciplinary regulations should be adopted. One of the primary matters is the duration of the lunch break for the employees. According to the Labour Code of Ukraine, the break duration must be as follows:

135. Oxidation of some toxins within the body results in generation of compounds that increase their toxicity. Thus, due to the oxidation of heptachlor in the body the folowing compound is formed:

136. A pharmaceutist has revealed an incompatibility in the prescription. What drug substances form an eutectic mixture?

137. Stability of suspensions can be enhanced by substances which increase the viscosity of the dispersion medium. Specify the substance that exhibits such properties:

138. A pharmaceutist has to prepare suppositories with a glycerine gelatin base by the molding method. What is the ratio of gelatin, water and glycerine required for the base?

139. When a pharmacy records goods as received, it normally specifies the amount of the markup intended for expenditure coverage and profit gaining. Give the definition for the markup:

140. Incoming control is conducted in the course of wholesale and retail trade, such control is carried out during receipt of goods by visual inspection or analysis of drug. Incoming control is carried out by authorized person, which is assigned by:

141. Toxic substances can be isolated from the objects of biological origin by different methods. In case of intoxication with pesticides - derivatives of phosphoric acids - the following method is applied:

142. A doctor wrote a prescription for the tincture of digitalis with hydrochloric acid. What is the reason for their incompatibility?

143. A woman in the III trimester of pregnancy has an acute respiratory viral disease accompanied with body temperature rise up to 39oC. Which of the drugs should be recommended?

144. A pharmaceutical company "Pfizer"is focused on offering the best quality goods at a high price which should cover the costs of research and development as well as production of high quality products. Despite the high price, the product is still in demand. What are the goals of the company’s price policy?

145. Recommend a patient with acute bronchitis a mucolytic drug that ease difficulty in expectoration:

146. A pharmacist-analyst carries out quantitative analysis of procaine hydrochloride. Which of the following solutions is to be used?

147. During the treatment of chronic heart failure with digoxin in a patient having bradycardia, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision. Which drug is the antidote in this case?

148. After an emotional stress a 60-year-old patient presented with chest pain irradiating to the left arm. Specify a drug that relieves pain in this case:

149. An obtained mineralisate contains sulphates of lead, barium and strontium in form of white precipitation. What procedure will allow to separate the lead sulphate?

150. A patient consults a pharmaceutist about taking acetylsalicylic acid as an antiaggregant. What is the daily dose that should be recommended for continuous use?

151. Pharmacy activities are commonly operated by different types of managers. The function of direct control over drug preparation by a pharmaceutist refers to the following type of management:

152. When heroin comes into an an organism, it metabolizes chiefly to:

153. A pharmacy received a batch of medicines from a pharmacy depot. Specify the drug subject to the controlled substance inventory in pharmacies:

154. A pharmaceutist needs to sterilize 250 ml of glucose solution for injections. How many minutes should the solution undergo sterilization in the autoclave under the temperature of 120°C?

155. Quantitative determination of ni-trofural (furacilin) can be done by method of spectrophotometry. A pharmacy analyst can calculate quantity by measuring:

156. A pharmacy supplies the population with drugs for cash. Specify the VAT on drugs:

157. A man with a long history of chronic hepatitis has been diagnosed with pneumonia. Which of the following antibacterial drugs can be applied in this clinical situation?

158. Quantitative determination of silver nitrate is done by method of thi-ocyanatometry. What indicator is used in this case?

159. A chemist of an analytic laboratory has to prepare turbidity standards according to the requirements of Pharmacopoeia. What substances are to be used as the reference?

160. For granule drying different types of dryers are used. The dryer SP-30 relates to the following type:

161. A pharmacy depot received a batch of common plantain leaves. According to the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia, this herbal raw matrial is of adequate quality if it contains the following active substances:

162. A 68-year-old female patient has been continuously taking furosemide for heart failure treatment. What drug should be used to prevent hypokalemia in patients taking furosemide?

163. A pharmacy analyst identifies sodium hydrocarbonate. What indicator can confirm the presence of alkalescent medium reaction in the sodium hydrocarbonate solution?

164. A pharmaceutical factory produces herbal juice out of fresh raw material. What operation should be performed at the stage of juice purification?

165. A pharmacy received the following prescription: 0,0002 g of scopolamine hydrobromide per 1 powder. How much of 1:100 trituration is required for the preparation of 10 powders?

166. Which of the below-listed drugs is used for thrombolytic therapy in case of myocardial infarction?

167. In course of preparation of suppositories by the pumping method the suppository mass became viscous and fluid after the incorporation of chloral hydrate into the cocoa butter. What substance should be added to the suppository mass in order to restore its density and plasticity?

168. The main active components of hawthorn berries are flavonoids. What is their pharmacological effect?

169. An analytical laboratory carries out an analysis of ferrum sulphate heptohydrate according to the requirements of the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine. The test portion of the substance should be titrated with the following solution:

170. Upper airways diseases can be treated by means of herbal raw materials containing mucilages. The plant source of this compound class is:

171. A 40-year-old patient suffers from bronchial asthma and cardiac rhythm disturbance in form of bradyarrhythmia. Drugs of which pharmacological group should be administered for bronchospasm suppression?

172. A 60-year-old patient has essential hypertension stage II, coronary disease, bronchial asthma. After pharmacotherapy correction the patient exhibited a bronchospastic attack, intensified dyspnea. What drug provoked this complication?

173. A tablet shop produces trituration tablets. What quality indicators ARE NOT relevant for these tablets?

174. Companies producing injectable dosage forms apply different methods of ampoule sealing. Sealing against a jet of inert gases (nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide) is suitable for the following injection solutions:

175. Activity of pharmaceutical institutions is subject to licensing. What is the duration of licencse for drugs and healthcare products sale?

176. Tannins can be used as an antidote for alkaloid poisoning. What herbal remedy should be applied in case of such intoxication:

177. Grinding equipment is classified by the way of grinding. What kind of machines does a roller crusher relate to?

178. Preparations made out of eleutherococcus roots and rhizomes are administered as a tonic and adaptogenic drug. If these preparations cannot be found in a pharmacy, they can be substituted by the analogous preparations made of the following raw material:

179. Powders make up an important group among the extemporal medicinal preparations. Which of the following components can be incorporated into a powder without being preliminarily ground?

180. According to the requirements of the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine, a pharmacy analyst should determine procaine hydrochloride by nitritometric method. What indicator is to be used for this purpose?

181. During the identification of a drug an analytical chemist of the State Inspectorate for Quality Control performs a lignin test. Specify this drug:

182. A pharmaceutist prepares several different solutions with antibiotics under aseptic conditions. He can sterilize the solution of the following substance:

183. Suspensions as heterogenous systems can be characterized by kinetic and sedimentary instability. What substance is used for increasing suspension stability with hydrophobic substances?

184. A pharmacist made eye drops of pilocarpine hydrochloride and adrenaline hydrochloride solution. A peculiarity of the incorporation of the adrenaline hydrochloride solution is that it is added:

185. Qualitative reaction for phenol is the reaction with bromine water. What compound is produced as a result of the interaction of phenol with bromine water and drops out as a white solid?

186. Which component of the marketing communication system focuses on creating a positive image of a company?

187. Activity of an organization depends on various factors. What factors refer to the internal environment of the organization?

188. An employee of a pharmaceutical company has been commissioned with marketing research on the regional market of antiarrhythmic drugs. What stage of research would he prefer in the first place?

189. On the 4th day of treatment with indometacin a 55-year-old patient developed gastrorrhagia as a result of gastric mucosa ulcer. Ulcerogenic effect of this drug is explained by the lowered activity of the following enzyme:

190. A pharmacy received a prescription for 3% alcohol solution of boric acid. What concentration of ethyl alcohol is required for preparing the drug form?

191. A 57-year-old female patient was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis; she has also a history of stomach ulcer. What drug from the group of nonsteroid antiinflammatory drugs may be recommended this patient?

192. Select the reductant required for the determination of arsenic impurity in drugs (method 2):

193. According to the requirements of the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine, a pharmacy analyst should determine fluorouracil by method of nonaqueous titration. What titrated solution is to be used?

194. Specify the herbal raw material with high concentration of carotinoids which is d used for production of phytopreparations:

195. A pharmaceutist plans voluntary termination of the open-ended employment contract for the reason of her husband’s transfer to another area. Specify the form and term of notice that should be given to the pharmacy director:

196. Which of the following is the drug of choice for bronchial asthma attacks prevention?

197. A patient has been administered a spasmolytic from the group of muscarinic receptor antagonists as a part of the complex treatment for renal colic. Specify this drug:

198. Simplified tax system implies replacement of several taxes by a single one. What limit on the number of employees is established for the legal persons to implement the simplified tax system?

199. Common juniper is applied as a diuretic, anti-inflammatory and cholagogic agent. This plant gives the following medicinal raw material:

200. Comparative analysis of the performance of two pharmacies showed that the trade stock in terms of days was 20 and 30 days respectively. Which of these indicators is NOT USED for calculating the trade stock?