Буклет 2010 року

Англійською мовою для іноземних студентів

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Вірних відповідей:

1. During a surgical operation the muscle relaxant tubocurarine chloride was used. What antagonist drug should be injected in order to allow the patient to bref independently?

2. A gravida in her 20th week of gestation fell ill with pneumonia. What chemotherapeutical drug may be administered with no risk for the fetus development?

3. A laboratory received some herbal raw material for analysis. It is a composition of ovoid-pointed leaves up to 25 cm long and 20 cm wide; the leaf base is cuneate, the leaf edge is emarginate, The cutting is long and cylindric. The leaf venation is pinnatisect; the midrib and the first-order veins project significantly on the inferior surface of the leaf. The superior leaf surface is dark green, the inferior surface is light green. The plant has a weak narcotic smell. The taste cannot be determined. The plant is poisonous! The described herbal raw material relates to the following plant:

4. A child has accidentally drunk a solution that was used by his grandmother for glaucoma treatment. The solution turned out to be pilocarpine hydrochloride. What drug can be used as an antidote?

5. A pharmacy received some medicines from the warehouse. What medicine is subject to the stocktaking in the pharmaceutical institutions?

6. During the analysis of diethyl ether (Aether medicinales) you can determine presence of aldehydes as a specific admixture. Which of the following reragents can be used for determining presence of aldehyde admixture?

7. A pharmacy makes wholesale purchases of health and hygiene products. An agent works under the contract with the manufacturer and makes deals at the manufacturer’s cost. The agent may be entitled to exclusive distribution in some regions. What kind of agent is it?

8. A patient with heart failure induced by a long-term coronary vessel disorder can be administered a drug produced out of the following herbal raw material:

9. An analyst of the National drug quality control inspection carries out quantitative analysis of "Resorcin"substance by method of bromatometry (back titration). What indicator is used by doing so?

10. As a pharmaceutist was serving a customer who ordered a nonprecripti-on drug he realized that the patient didn’t apprehend the verbal information. Name the communicative barriers that arise when words or symbols may have different meanings for the information sender and the recipient:

11. A pharmacy analyst carries out purity test of the drug substance "Sodium thiosulfate". Violet colour, that comes from reaction with sodium nitroprusside, indicates the presence of the following admixture:

12. Which antiseptic preparation has bactericidal effect due to the formation of atomic oxygen?

13. In order to arrest stenocardia attacks a patient takes nitroglycerin capsules. What is the rational way of the drug introduction?

14. A pharmacy got an order for eye drops containing 1% solution of pilocarpine hydrochloride. What substance was used in order to ensure isotonicity?

15. A pharmacist-analyst is measuring the quantity of an adrenaline tartrate substance by method of acid-base titration in nonaqueous solvents. Which indicator is to be used in this case according to the requirements of the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia?

16. A pregnant woman fell ill with severe pneumonia. What antibacterial drug may be prescribed?

17. Hawthorn flowers are used for production of cardiotonic drugs. During procurement of this crude drug the flowers of the following plant can appear in it:

18. Which of the listed antibacterial drugs should NOT be administered to a patient with diabetes mellitus type II being treated with glibenclamid?

19. Preparations made out of eleutherococcus roots and rhizomes are administered as a tonic and adaptogenic drug. If these preparations cannot be found in a pharmacy, they can be substituted by the analogous preparations made of the following raw material:

20. A doctor prescribed an olive oil emulsion whose composition includes anesthesin. In order that anesthesin can be incorpotated into the emulsion it should be dissolved:

21. What management style is characterized by manager’s particular compliance, when manager initiates goals formation by his subordinate and is ready to accept it without reservations?

22. At the end of each month a pharmacy manager writes an Inventory report. This document relates to the following type of accounting:

23. A patient consulted an ophthalmologist about scotopic vision impairment, cornea dryness. What drug was prescribed?

24. A pharmaceutist prepared eyedrops with boric acid. What sterilization method was applied?

25. A patient came to a drugstore and ordered cowberry leaves. Which of the available herbal raw materials can be offered as a substitute?

26. A phytopreparation "Flacarbi-num"has spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory and antiulcer effect. This preparation is produced out of the following plant:

27. Injection solutions of salts derived from weak acids and strong bases require stabilization. What stabilizers are used for these solutions?

28. Which of the listed pharmacolgi-cal groups of antihypertensive drugs is contra-indicated the patients with bronchial asthma?

29. A pharmacist-analyst is measuring the quantity of a drug by method of indirect bromatometry. Which of the following titrated solutions is to be used?

30. For granule drying different types of dryers are used. The dryer SP-30 relates to the following type:

31. The total of business transaction records of assets and liabilities in the accounting statement for a certain period is called:

32. One of the major indicator of drug elimination from the human body is:

33. A pharmaceutist prepared a suspension. It must contain the following amount of fluid in order to comply with Deriagin’s rule:

34. A 67-year-old patient with chronic heart failure takes digoxin. In order to reduce its side effects the patient’s doctor recommended to combine it with the followig drug:

35. Powders make up an important group among the extemporal medicinal preparations. Which of the following components can be incorporated into a powder without being preliminarily ground?

36. Lapkina-Lazarenko method of ethylene glycol separation enables to isolate it effectively from the objects of chemotoxicological analysis. What is the selective transporter of ethylene glycol from the objects to the distillate?

37. Theory of management currently marks out four the most important approaches to the management. Choose the approach that is NOT applied in the theory of management:

38. A 54-year-old patient who has been suffering from hyperacidic gastritis for several years was prescribed almagel. What pharmacotherapeutical complications on the part of digestive organs may be expected in the first place?

39. Mother of a 2-month-old child came to a pharmacy and asked for a febrifuge. What drug should be recommended for the child?

40. A pharmaceutical enterprise produces a dense extract with 0,25% ammonia solution used as an extractant. This dense extract is:

41. Restharrow (Ononis) root is used for production of a tincture applied for treatment of haemorrhoidal haemorrhages. Isoflavonoids can be identified in the raw material by means of:

42. A pharmaceutist has applied for a job of a stockkeeper at a wholesale pharmaceutical enterprise. What trial period doesn’t require agreement with the trade-union committee?

43. A pharmaceutical factory produces herbal juice out of fresh raw material. What operation should be performed at the stage of juice purification?

44. A pharmaceutical enterprise produces neogalenic preparations. Which preparation is produced by the use of Soxhlet circulation apparatus?

45. For the purpose of sales stimulation a pharmaceutical wholesale company grants its customers a discount according to the social contract and on condition of their loyalty. Specify the type of discount:

46. Incoming control is conducted in the course of wholesale and retail trade, such control is carried out during receipt of goods by visual inspection or analysis of drug. Incoming control is carried out by authorized person, which is assigned by:

47. When a pharmacy records goods as received, it normally specifies the amount of the markup intended for expenditure coverage and profit gaining. Give the definition for the markup:

48. A 68-year-old female patient has been continuously taking furosemide for heart failure treatment. What drug should be used to prevent hypokalemia in patients taking furosemide?

49. A pharmaceutist is preparing rectal suppositories based on cocoa butter and containing dimedrol with mass concentartion less than 5%. For rational incorporation of dimedrol into the base it should be solved:

50. A pharmacy has sulfonamide biseptol on sale. What chemical compounds are the main components of this drug?

51. Preparations on the basis of dandelion roots are recommended for better digestion and as a choleretic because this herbal raw material contains:

52. A pharmacy supplies the population with drugs for cash. Specify the VAT on drugs:

53. It is necessary to prescribe nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drug for patient with rheumatoid arthritis and concomitant duodenal ulcer. Which drug is the drug of choice in this case?

54. Examination of a patient who has been treated for rheumatoid arthritis for a long time revealed hyperglycemia. What drug might have caused it?

55. According to the requirements of the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia, a pharmacy analyst is measuring iron admixture in a preparation by means of citric and thioglycolic acids. What staining indicates presence of this admixture?

56. Substances that enter the body subject to various transformations under enzymes influence. What is the direction of mono- and polyatomic alcohol metabolism has the largest toxicological value?

57. An ampule production unit produces glucose solution. If the special sort of glucose "for injections"is not available, then the glucose should be separated from the following admixtures:

58. Liquid dosage forms are prepared with concentrated solutions of pharmaceti-cal substances or under consideration of volume increase factor during substance dissolution when the following substance is used as a solvent:

59. Which anaesthetic, anti-inflammatory, the least harmful for the stomach preparation can be recommended to a patient with exacerbation of rheumatoid arthritis?

60. Which of the mentioned below drugs has the following chemical name: n-aminobenzoic acid diethylaminoethyl ester hydrochloride:

61. A pharmacy produces some injection solutions that have to be apyrogenic. Solution of the following substance can be depyrogenized by method of adsorption with activated carbon?

62. Analytical laboratories oten use 2,6-dichlorophenolindophenol solution, which is normally blue and can be decolouri- zed by the reducing agents. What drug can be identified by means of 2,6-dichlorophenolindophenol solution?

63. Which preparation is the specific antidote in case of intoxication with iron preparations?

64. A pharmacy received a prescription for preparation of dermatological ointment with benzylpenicillin. Specify the type of ointment that necessary to prepare:

65. A patient suffering from peptic ulcer was administered ranitidine. Gastric juice acidity has reduced considerably. What mechanism underlies the action of this drug?

66. Salicylates are widely applied in medical practice as anti-inflammatory drugs. For quantitative analysis of salicylic acid the following method is applied:

67. Fatty oil containing unsaturated fatty acids are used for atherosclerosis prevention. What herbal raw material contains such fatty oil?

68. Simplified tax system implies replacement of several taxes by a single one. What limit on the number of employees is established for the legal persons to implement the simplified tax system?

69. An analyst of the National drug quality control inspection identifies "Sulfametoxazol"by adding the solutions of hydrochloric acid, sodium nitrite and beta-naphthol to the preparation. Thereat intense red colour is observed. What functional group is identified by this reaction?

70. The basic structure of steroid hormones is hydrocarbon skeleton -cyclopentane perhydrophenanthrene. What natural compound is used for testosterone propionate production?

71. An advance holder (accountant) was given some money from the cash fund of an enterprise for purchase of office accessories. After the cash advance the advance holder must submit the complete application of funds statement no later than:

72. A consulting pharmacist informed a patient about possible side effect of metronidazole that is normally provoked by alcohol intake. What is the mechanism of this phenomenon?

73. Pharmacy №5 cleared its indebtedness to a supplier in the amount of 3000 uah by drawing this sum from its current account. What changes in the sum total of the balance will be observed?

74. Upper airways diseases can be treated by means of herbal raw materials containing mucilages. The plant source of this compound class is:

75. Efficiency of aerosol therapy is to a considerable extent determined by the size of disperse particles. What factor determines the size of aerosol particles during dispersion of an aerosol?

76. A pharmaceutist is preparing powders according to the following formulation: Rp.: Scopolamini hydrobromidi 0,0003 Ephedrini hydrochlorodi 0,05 Sachari 0,15 M.f. pulvis D.t.d. № 10 S. 1 powder thrice a day. Calculate the mass of 1 powder providing that the trituration (1:100) is used:

77. On the base of licorice root different drug dosage forms are produced, notably tablets, powders, syrups, teas. The only unused form is injection solution. Licorice roots exhibit haemolytic properties typical for the following active substances:

78. A pharmacy manager is working out a schedule for a pharmaceutist who is responsible for prescription reception and drug serving out. What is the weekly working time for one employee?

79. Reaction with KI solution which is called "Golden Rain Reaction"helps to detect presence of the followingg toxic metal:

80. Some domestic and foreign hepatoprotective activity preparation are made of holy thistle bearing. Purity of this material is determined by the content of:

81. Ions of some metal make it difficult to detect zinc ions in the mineralizate. For this reason zinc is separated from mi-neralizate by converting it into:

82. Powders that quickly enter into a reaction in presence of water and emit carbon dioxide relate to the following group:

83. In order to detect an admixture of potassium in medical preparations a pharmacy analyst should carry out a reaction with:

84. A 60-year-old patient has essenti- al hypertension stage II, coronary disease, bronchial asthma. After pharmacotherapy correction the patient exhibited a bronchospastic attack, intensified dyspnea. What drug provoked this complication?

85. When heroin comes into an an organism, it metabolizes chiefly to:

86. Activity of pharmaceutical institutions is subject to licensing. What is the duration of licencse for drugs and healthcare products sale?

87. A 6-year-old child with pneumonia was prescribed an antibiotic. After the treatment the child became deaf. Which antibiotic group might have caused this complication?

88. On the initiative of the manufacturing company some amendments to a drug information leaflet are to be made for the restriction of the drug use. What type of marketing is applied in this case?

89. A pharmacy manager is writing the monthly "Inventory report". What business transactions should be represented in the expenditure item of the report?

90. For the natural persons being small business subjects the simplified tax system is effective. But there is a limit of annual proceeds upon sale. What is the boundary amount of proceeds?

91. It is necessary to analyse incrustation of reducing tube after Marsh test for arsenicum to exclude in biological materials compounds of:

92. In course of isoniazid identification a pharmacy analyst boiled thoroughly the substance with 2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene. The substance turned yellow, after adding alkaline solution it turned first violet and then brownish-red. As a result of this reaction the following aldehyde derivative is produced:

93. A pharmaceutist is preparing fat-based suppositories by method of pouring. What base is to be used for this purpose?

94. A pharmacy as a legal person being the small enterprise plans to move to a simplified taxation system from 1 January. What is the limitation of the amount of sales revenue for such companies?

95. Emodin, an anthracene derivative, haspurgative effect. Large quantities of anthracene-derived groups of emodin are contained in the fruits of the following plant:

96. A phytochemical production unit produces biogenic stimulators out of different raw materials. Specify the biogenic stimulators of organo-mineral origin:

97. A 26-year-old patient was diagnosed with community-acquired pneumonia provoked by mycoplasma. Choose the appropriate antimicrobial preparation for the patient treatment:

98. A joint-stock company involved into production and selling of drug preparations has developed a structure for working with various consuming organizations. Such organizational structure is called:

99. A pharmaceutist is preparing an ointment under aseptic conditions on the sterile ointment base - composition of vaseline and lanoline at a ratio 6:4. The drug substance is incorporated by suspension type. Such technology of ointment preparation is typical for the following substance:

100. О-methylation is an important method of organic substances biotransformation in the body, compounds that are subject to such method contain:

101. Preparation of multicomponent powders with phenyl salicylate and camphor is accompanied by generation of some fluid. What is the reason for their incompatibility?

102. For thrombosis treatment a patient was prescribed a drug from the group of direct anticoagulants. What drug is it?

103. Specify the reaction to the ester-type drugs that is tolerated by the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia:

104. An accountant is recording business transactions of a pharmacy. Which transaction is to be entered on the credit side of the cash-account?

105. A pharmaceutist prepared a surface action ointment. What ointment base was used?

106. A pharmaceutist-technologist has to prepare a medication with the following formulation: Rp.: Mentholi 0,1 Glycerini 10,0 M.D.S. Nasal drops. What is the reason for their incompatibility?

107. A patient suffering from hypertension consulted a doctor about dry cough that was presumably provoked by antihypertensive therapy. What antihypertensive drug had she been taking?

108. At the initial stage of establishing a pharmaceutical enterprise the internal disciplinary regulations should be adopted. One of the primary matters is the duration of the lunch break for the employees. According to the Labour Code of Ukraine, the break duration must be as follows:

109. An analytical laboratory is studying substance of calcium lactate. In presence of ammonium chloride calcium cation forms white crystalline precipitation with the following reagent:

110. A patient with hypertension was administered metoprolol for the arterial pressure reduction. What is its mechanism of action?

111. A patient with hypertensive crisis received an injection of ganglionic blocker benzohexonium. What side effect might be expected after the drug injection?

112. A pharmaceutical enterprise produces water solutions. The solution of the following substance is produced by method of chemical interaction and electrochemically:

113. Cardioglycosides of Adonis vernalis are used for heart failure treatment. This plant raw material should be stored:

114. A pharmacy got an order for manzanita decoction and hexamethylenetetramine. A pharmacist cancelled it with a stamp "Invalid prescription". What is the reason for the incompatibility?

115. A patient after bee’s stings has angi-oedema (Quincke’s edema). Which drug should be immediately inject to eliminate this condition?

116. According to the supply contract with joint-stock company "Darnitsa", a pharmacy warehouse accepted some inventory items. Which department of the warehouse is directly responsible for the goods acceptance?

117. A patient who has been suffering from gastric diseases for a long time is found to have hyperchromic anemia. Which of the following drugs is applied for this pathology treatment?

118. An interhospital pharmacy got an order from a surgical department for a depolarizing muscle relaxant for surgical interventions. What drug was ordered?

119. An analytical laboratory received "Adrenalini tartras"substance for analysis. According to the requirements of the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia, quantitative analysis of this substance can be carried out by method of:

120. Pharmaceutical market is in such a situation when there is only one company selling a certain product. Specify the competitive structure of the market:

121. One of the tablet coatings is enterosoluble capsule. They get solved in:

122. Preparations containing cardiosteroi-ds are produced out of the following herbal raw material:

123. In order to get registered in state authorities pharmacies as legal persons must possess authorized capital stock. What amount is identified as the authorized capital stock?

124. A tablet production unit produces press-coated tablets. What equipment is used for this purpose?

125. Compulsory financial reporting of pharmacies includes the balance sheet. Changes in value, composition and structure of the capital stock are estimated on the base of:

126. After a craniocerebral trauma a patient was administered pyracetam. This drug relates to the following pharmacological group:

127. During inventory of a pharmacy the surplus of inventory holdings was revealed. What actions concerning the surplus should be taken by the inventory comission?

128. Public health services attach great importance to the drug quality, for this reason a pharmaceutic enterprise has concentrated its efforts upon the improvement of qualitative characteristics of its products. What concept of marketing management is applied in this company?

129. A patient suffering from epilepsy has taken Phenobarbital for a long time and developed drug tolerance. What is the mechanism of this phenomenon development?

130. In Ukraine natural persons as small business entities are allowed to use the simplified tax system. What limit on the number of employees is established for such enterprises?

131. Novocaine metabolism in the organism results in generation of p-amino-benzoic acid. What metabolic process underlies this conversion?

132. Choose an optimal antibacterial drug for the mycoplasmal pneumonia treatment:

133. Which of the following reagents should be added to the isoniazid to achieve blue colour and precipitation that turns light-green and emits gases when heated?

134. Inventory in a pharmacy revealed a shortage within the range of natural loss. This shortage will be rated as expenses at the following price:

135. Ukraine has a valid list of drugs whose price is subject to the governmental regulation. What is the way of retail price formation for Corvalol 25,0 (produced by "Pharmac") providing that this drug is included in the above-mentioned list?

136. Tanning agents of silverweed roots and rhizomes are used as an astringent. What species of silverweed is pharmacopoeial?

137. In course of pharmacotherapy of bronchitis a patient was found to have dyspeptic disorders, photodermatitis, liver dysfunction. Which of the prescribed drugs might have caused these manifestations?

138. A pharmacist technologist revealed incompatibility in the following prescription: Rp.: Mentholi 0,5 Natrii hydrocarbonatis Natrii tetraboratis aa 1,5 Aquae purificatae 100 ml M.D.S. 1 tablespoon twice a day. In order to prepare this drug form the pharmacist should apply the following techniques:

139. In order to identify a polyatomic glycerin alcohol a pharmacy analyst carries out dehydration reaction with potassium hydrosulfate. The generated hereat product has a strong characteristic smell and gives blue colour to the filter paper moistened with 1% solution of sodium nitroprusside and with piperidine. What product is it?

140. It is necessary to make rapid analysis of opiates in urine. Which of the following methods is the most sensitive?

141. Prescriptions for drugs being subject to the stocktaking and supplied on favourable terms or free of charge except for narcotic (psychotropic) drugs and tramadol are written out:

142. A 70-year-old patient consulted a doctor about elevated arterial pressure. He has a history of benign hyperplasia of prostate. What drug should be administered in this case?

143. A 24-year-old patient has been suffering for diabetes mellitus type I for 8 years. Diabetic nephropathy provoked development of symptomatic arterial hypertension. Which of the folowing drugs is indicated for long-term therapy?

144. A pharmacy got an order for powders containing ascorbic acid and sodium hydrocarbonate. What process takes place between the ingredients?

145. Which of the listed preparations should be used as antidote and included into the first-aid kit required at factories where acute intoxications with arsenic, mercury, chrome and bismuth compounds are possible?

146. A 40-year-old patient suffers from bronchial asthma and cardiac rhythm disturbance in form of bradyarrhythmia. Drugs of which pharmacological group should be administered for bronchospasm suppression?

147. According to the requirements of the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia, a pharmacy analyst is determining calcium gluconate quantity by method of complexometric titration. What indicator is to be used?

148. A pharmaceutist prepared solution of ethacrydine lactate. What is the peculiarity of this substance dissolving?

149. Benzylpenicillin sodium is not used per os, because this drug:

150. A patient has chronic pancreatitis with apparent presentations of pancreatic exocrine hypofunction. Which of the following drugs would be the most appropriate in this case?

151. Which of the below-listed drugs is used for thrombolytic therapy in case of myocardial infarction?

152. A pharmacy produces compounded drugs. What kinds of internal control of drugs production are required?

153. A pharmaceutical enterprise that has achieved high sales rates and customers’ recognition will reach the highest profit at the following stage of the product life cycle:

154. The risk can arise from some forms of activity connected with production of goods and services, their selling, commodity-money and financial operations, commerce, implementation of socioeconomic and scientific-and-technical projects. This is the definition for the following concept:

155. A patient being treated in the infectious disease ward for dysentery is administered phthalazol. What is the reason for phthalazol being used only for treatment of enteric infections?

156. A pharmacist-technologist received an ointment formulation. Rp.: Unguentum Resorcini 1,5% -10,0 Da. Signa. To be applied on the affected skin The pharmaceutist incorporated dry medical substance into the ointment by the following way:

157. A 25-year-old woman presenting with acute morphine intoxication was given an injection of naloxone that caused rapid improvement of her condition. The mechanism of action of this preparation is based on the block of the following receptors:

158. A pharmaceutical enterprise produces nitroglycerine tablets. What is the method of their production?

159. In the production of injection solutions the activated carbon is used as:

160. Two pharmaceutical enterprises simultaneously applied to a bank for establishing a running account. The bank refused the application to one of the enterprises. The reason for the refusal is that the enterprise:

161. A pharmaceutist refused preparation of nasal drops to a patient because of incompatibility between collargol and di-medrol written in the prescription. What is the reason for incompatibility between these ingredients?

162. Which of the following drug forms is produced in granules?

163. A patient suffering from allergic rhinitis was prescribed ephedrine in form of nasal drops. The patient has significantly benefited from nasal instillation, and this stimulated him to use the drug every 2 hours. But under these conditions the drug appeared to be ineffective. What is the most likely cause of this phenomenon?

164. Yellow gentian contains bitter glycosides. Raw material of this plant is reccomended for production of drugs with the following effect:

165. Styles of maize with stigmata containing fatty acids, vitamins, essential oils, saponins and other substances are used as:

166. A pharmaceutist revealed incompatibility in a prescription for powders with ascorbic acid and hexamethylenetetramine. What process takes place when these components are combined?

167. A pharmaceutical company "Adonis"promotes its new products by means of advertisement that informs the customers about the product, highlights its advantages, typical features and properties. What kind of advertisment is it?

168. Which of the following is the drug of choice for bronchial asthma attacks prevention?

169. Which of the following drugs a pharmacist-analys can quantify by ceri-ometry method?

170. A pharmaceutist needs to sterilize 250 ml of glucose solution for injections. How many minutes should the solution undergo sterilization in the autoclave under the temperature of 120oC?

171. A pharmacy got an order for a mixture containing manzanita decoction and belladonna extract. What is the reason for their incompatibility?

172. A woman who has been treated for infiltrative focal tuberculosis for a long time complains of acute hearing impairment. Which of the following preparations might be the cause of such side effect?

173. A pharmacy analyst identifies sodium hydrocarbonate. What indicator can confirm the presence of alkalescent medium reaction in the sodium hydrocarbonate solution?

174. As main reagent in test for phosphates admixtures the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia recommends to use:

175. TLC-screening is used for omnidirectional investigation of "acid"chloroform extract. For detection of barbiturates following developers are used:

176. On the 4th day of treatment with indometacin a 55-year-old patient developed gastrorrhagia as a result of gastric mucosa ulcer. Ulcerogenic effect of this drug is explained by the lowered activity of the following enzyme:

177. 6 months after treatment a patient with coronary heart disease developed tolerance to the prolonged-action nitrates. What drug with nitrate-similar effect should be recommended in this case?

178. When fenoterolum for inhalations is not available in a pharmacy, it can be substituted by the following drug from the group of bronchoselective beta-2-adrenomimetics:

179. On the wage of pharmacy employees the personal income tax is levied. What pays are NOT included into the total monthly income being subject to this kind of taxation?

180. Development of advertising strategy for promotion of nonprescription drugs includes identification of the target audience. The highest selectivity of consumer audience can be achieved by means of the following advertisment type:

181. In case of loss of license a pharmaceutist should address an application for a duplicate to a licensing authority. The licensing authority is obliged to issue the duplicate to the applicant no later than:

182. When the glucose is heated with the copper-tartrate reagent (Fehling’s reagent) the brick-red precipitate settles down. It indicates presence of the following group:

183. A pharmacy analyst supervises the state of a refractometer. For its calibration he needs some distilled water. The distilled water must have the following value of the refractive index:

184. A pharmacist-analyst carries out quantitative analysis of procaine hydrochloride. Which of the following solutions is to be used?

185. Aerosol production involves application of different groups of propellents. What propellents relate to the group of compressed gases?

186. Coltsfoot preparations are used for upper airways treatment. During procurement of this herbal raw material the following admixture may appear:

187. A pharmacy analyst analizes distilled water. For this purpose he brings some amount of the sample material to the boiling point, adds 0,02 M solution of potassium permanganate and diluted sulfuric acid. After 5 minutes of boiling the pink colour of the produced solution should not change. The pharmacy analyst tries to detect the following admixture:

188. Absorption of tetracycline preparations will be reduced when they are administered simultaneously with antacids. This is an example for:

189. In order to fill a burrette a pharmaceutist prepared 2 l of 10% benzoate solution. This operation should be recorded in the following register:

190. A patient with cholelithiasis was prescribed the following drug for the purpose of cholesterol gallstone dissolution:

191. During production of powders in a pharmacy physiochemical properties of certain ingredients should be taken into consideration. What pharmaceutical substance can be incorporated into the powder mass without additional grinding?

192. A pharmaceutist revealed incompatibility in the formulation. Rp.: Sol. Collargoli 1% - 10 ml Sol. Adrenalini hydrochloridi 0,1% - 1i M.D.S. Nasal drops. What chemical process underlies this incompatibility?

193. For isolation of alkaloids from biological material by Kramarenko’s method extract is cleaned. For what operation ammonium sulphate is added to extract?

194. A patient fell ill with severe pneumonia was prescribed ceftriaxonum once a day. Prescription of ceftriaxonum once a day connected with the fact that the drug:

195. According to the requirements of the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia (Supplement 1), a pharmacy analyst has to carry out quantitative analysis of potassium iodide by means of the following method:

196. Presence of ethanol in a biological sample can be demonstrated by the following reaction:

197. Aerosol department of a pharmaceutical factory uses condensed gases in the capacity of propellents. Which of the following substances relates to the group of condensed gases?

198. A pharmaceutist prepared some powders whose composition includes camphor. What capsules are required for their packaging?

199. Marketing manager at a pharmaceutical factory is planning its communication policy. Which component of the marketing communication systems has the highest value for one contact?

200. Preparations of common valerian are used in medical practice as sedative drugs. The main feature that allows to distinguish valerian from the admixtures is: