Буклет 2009 року

Англійською мовою для іноземних студентів

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Вірних відповідей:

1. Functioning of a pharmacy is realized on different levels of management. Function of direct control of employees fulfilling concrete tasks relates to the following level of management:

2. Aerosol composition includes active substances, solvents and propellents. Which of the following substances is used as propellent?

3. A pharmaceutical factory produces camphor oil for topical application. What oil is to be used as a solvent?

4. Toxic substances can be isolated from the objects of biological origin by different methods. In case of poisoning with pesticides - derivatives of phosphoric acids -the following method is applied:

5. A patient got poisoned with nitrites. Nitrite detection by means of azo dye reaction involves using such acid:

6. The central district pharmacy functions in a district centre and supplies local population with drugs and medical products. What pharmaceutical institutions are allowed to settle accounts with the customers without a cash register by way of check issuing?

7. Method of gas-liquid chromatography is often applied for identification and quantitative determination of toxicologically meaningful substances. Substances can be placed into the chromatograph dispenser in the following aggregate states:

8. You are employed in a pharmaceutical storehouse. When adding newly received preparations to the computerized database, specify the pharmacological group of paracetamol:

9. Suspensions as heterogenous systems can be characterized by kinetic and sedimentary instability. What substance is used for increasing suspension stability with hydrophobic substances?

10. According to the requirements of the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia, the amount of calcium gluconate can be determined by the chelatometric method. What solution should be used as a titrant?

11. Quantitative determination of ni-trofural (furacilin) can be done by method of spectrophotometry. A pharmacy analyst can calculate quantity by measuring:

12. A 33-year-old woman who has been treated for chronic polyarthritis for a long time complains about arterial pressure rise, change of adipose tissue distribution, menstrual cycle disorder. What preparati- on has she taken?

13. Therapeutic department of a municipal hospital purchases medical products in a pharmacy. The wares will be dispensed from the stores department on presentation of the following document:

14. Continuous taking of a drug results in reduction of its efficiency. This phenomenon is called:

15. A pharmaceutist and a pharmacy manager were involved into the labour dispute about carry over of vacation time. The pharmaceutist applied to the council of conciliation. The council should consider his application within the following period:

16. A pharmaceutist revealed physical incompatibility in a recipe. Specify the combination of drug substances demonstrating eutectic when blended:

17. For accounting business transactions carried out in a pharmacy the synthetic accounts are used. Their list is given in the Chart of Accounts. Balances of the I, II and III account classes are used for completion of the following document:

18. A patient was warned that taking the prescribed preparation might cause cough. What drug is it?

19. In order to verify identity of tropan derivatives, Vitali’s reaction is applied. For that purpose the medications should be first decomposed with nitric acid and then treated with alcoholic solution of potassium hydroxide and acetone. What effect will be observed?

20. An accountant is calculating financial performance of a pharmacy. What item will be represented in the liabilities of the accountingreport791 called "Operational result"?

21. A 52-year-old patient had myocardial infarction and was discharged from the hospital after the stationery treatment. What daily dose of acetylsalicylic acid should be administered in order to prevent thrombosis?

22. TV periodically conducts campaigns for young people aimed at popularization of mechanical contraceptives (not indicating concrete trademarks). Such actions are a kind of the following marketing communication:

23. A 52-year-old patient complains of having increased arterial pressure for a month. She has a 5-year history of bronchial asthma. What group of hypotensive drugs should NOT be recommended this patient?

24. Aerosol production involves usage of propellents relating to different groups. Choose the propellants that relate to the group of volatile organic solvents:

25. Anthracene derivatives of emodi-ne group exhibit purgative effect. What herbal raw material contains large quantity of anthracene derivatives of emodine group?

26. In Ukraine the out-patients are supplied with narcotic and psychotropic drugs only by prescription. Medicoprophylactic institutions receive prescription blanks (Form 3) from the following source:

27. A 26-year-old pregnant woman (III trimester of pregnancy) complains about body temperature rise up to 39°C. What febrifuge may be recommended in this case?

28. Financial accountability of pharmacies consists of separate account forms. Which form presents accounts payable for the goods purchased?

29. Common juniper is applied as a diuretic, anti-inflammatory and cholagogic agent. This plant gives the following medicinal raw material:

30. Examination of a patient who has been treated for rheumatoid arthritis for a long time revealed hyperglycemia. It might have been caused by the following drug:

31. Lipophilic bases for suppositories include:

32. A department producing sterile pharmaceutical forms needs a method of eye drops sterilization applicable for drugs derived from thermolabile substances. What is the optimal method of sterilization?

33. A phytochemical department of a pharmaceutical factory produces valerian tincture of fresh material. Technological peculiarity of its production is that it should be produced on the base of:

34. A pharmaceutist revealed physical incompatibility caused by coagulation. This process takes place in a solution if the combination of the following substances is present:

35. A patient suffering from essential hypertension has increased concentration of renin in blood plasma. Which pharmacological group should be preferred for this patient treatment?

36. A pharmacy store was supplied with 100 packs of a product listed as Nitroglycerine. With regard to its physicochemical properties this preparation should be rated among the following drug group?

37. During the sensitifity test for benzylpenicillin a patient developed anaphylactic shock. The following preparation must be injected around the spot of antibiotic injection:

38. A pharmacy sells drugs. What is the rate of value-added tax for drugs sold by a pharmacy?

39. When a graduate becomes employed on a certain position he should be first familiarized with his rights and duties. What document regulates rights and duties of pharmacy employees?

40. A pharmaceutical company "Adonis"promotes its new products by means of advertisement that informs the customers about the product, highlights its advantages, typical features and properties. What kind of advertisement is it?

41. One of the ways to derive essential oil is enfleurage, or maceration. Essential oil can be derived by enfleurage from the following herbal raw material:

42. A pharmacy analyst of the laboratory at the National drug quality control inspection is conducting quantitative determination of caffeine by method of acid-base titration in the anhydrous solvents according to the requirements of National Pharmacopeia of Ukraine. What titrated solution is to be used?

43. Dispersion degree of drug substances is of great importance for the preparation of ophtalmic ointments. What drug substance should be thoroughly triturated with sterile vaseline oil before incorporating it into the pharmacopoeia-recommended ointment base?

44. A pharmaceutist with over 8 years of service got a medical certificate in accordance with the established procedure. What is the size of temporary disability allowance the pharmaceutist is entitled to?

45. Quantitative analysis of drugs containing primary aromatic amine can be performed by means of nitritometric method. Which of the following preparations can be determined by the nitri-tometric method without preliminary acid hydrolysis?

46. 100 ml of 0,9% sodium chloride solution were prepared according to the doctor’s prescription. What sterilization schedule is required for this solution?

47. A patient who has been taking phenazepam for a month came to a pharmacy. He insisted on buying another two packs of this drug. According to the patient, he feels unwell without phenazepam. What is the mechanism of the developed side effect?

48. Calculate the quantity of dried belladonna extract (1:2) required for preparing the following drug formulation: Extracti Belladonnae 0,015 Magnesii oxydi 0,5 Natrii hydrocarbonatis 0,2 Misce ut fiat pulvis Da tales doses №10 Signa. 1 powder thrice a day.

49. One of the methods of quantitative analysis of active substances in the raw material is the biological standardization. It can be applied with the following group of biologically active substances:

50. Styles of maize with stigmata containing fatty acids, vitamins, essential oils, saponins and other substances are used as:

51. Analgin substance was sent for analysis. What method allows to evaluate quantitative content of analgin?

52. A pharmacy analyst can verify presence of iron cation (II) in a drug formulation by means of the following solution:

53. A pharmaceutist is preparing an ointment under aseptic conditions on the sterile ointment base - composition of vaseline and lanoline with the ratio 6:4. The drug substance is incorporated by suspension type. Such technology of ointment preparation is typical for the following substance:

54. Calcium lactate can be quantitatively determined by chelatometric method. According to the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia, the following substance should be used as indicator:

55. A pharmaceutist made a medicinal preparation according to the following formulation: Rp.: Chloroformii Olei Helianthi Methylii salicylatis ana 10,0 M.D.S. For infriction. Specify the kind of disperse system:

56. An internship doctor prescribed his patient nifuroxazid from the group of ni-trofurans for treatment of urinary tracts infection. The doctor made a mistake because:

57. A 48-year-old patient was given an intravenous injection of prednisolone in order to arrest a severe attack of bronchial asthma. Prednisolone relates to the following group of hormonal drugs:

58. A pharmaceutist is preparing vaginal suppositories by method of pouring. Which hydrophilic base can he use for this purpose?

59. During local anaesthetization novocai-ne solution is usually compounded with solution of adrenaline hydrochloride. What is the purpose of this action?

60. A pharmacy received a new-generation nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drug "meloxicam"that mainly blocks cyclooxygenase-2. What advantages does this preparation have in comparison with other nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs?

61. A pharmacy technologist revealed incompatibility of a formulation: Rp.: Mentholi 0,5 Natrii hydrocarbonatis Natrii tetraboratis aa 1,5 Aquae purificatae 100 ml M.D.S. 1 tablespoon twice a day. What action should the pharmaceutist take in order to make this pharmaceutical form?

62. A pharmaceutical enterprise produces ointments. What base is applied for production of sulfur ointment simple?

63. A pharmacy got the following recipe: Rp.: Mucilaginis Amyli 50,0 Da. Signa. For the enema purposes. How much starch and distilled water did the pharmaceutist use in order to make this preparation?

64. A man came to a pharmacy and asked to recommend him a drug for treatment of allergic rhinitis that occurs in the period of linden flowering. What drug may be applied?

65. A patient suffering from stomach ulcer was prescribed almagel. Which of its pharmacological properties is intended for treatment of this pathology?

66. Preparations made of ginseng roots have tonic and adaptogenic properties, improve mental and physical performance. If the ginseng tincture cannot be found in a pharmacy, it can be substituted by the analogous preparations made of the following raw material:

67. A pharmaceutist has prepared an ointment intended for application on the open wound surface. Such kind of ointment should meet the following additional requirement:

68. What drug may cause constipation in a patient undergoing combined therapy for arterial hypertension?

69. A biennial or perennial plant from the Apiaceae family has a blue-grey stem branching in its lower part. Its leaves are also blue-grey, finely dissected, with the ultimate filiform segments. The flowers are yellow, in compound umbels. Its fruit is used for production of "dill water". What plant is it?

70. A pharmaceutist made a tincture of althaea root. What is the proportion of herbal crude drug and extractant?

71. Adjuvant substances in the production of tablets give the tableted mass all necessary technological properties, ensure dosage precision, mechanical strength and stability of tablets during their storage. What adjuvant substances facilitate disintegration or solution of the tablets in the organism?

72. According to the requirements of the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia, a certain drug is being measured by method of chelatometric titration. What drug is it?

73. A chemical department produces alcohol solution of boric acid. What filters are used for filtration of this solution?

74. Water for injections is derived from the drinking or distilled water. It can be either used freshly made or stored under the required temperature conditions. Water for injections is produced in the following premises:

75. A patient suffering from chronic cardiac insufficiency was prescribed a cardiac glycoside from the foxglove (Digitalis) group. What drug is it?

76. A pharmacy analyst is going to take a part of his holiday in spring and a part in summer. Holiday dividing is allowed provided that its main part will be no less than:

77. According to the applicable legislation of Ukraine, prices for some drugs and medical products are subject to governmental regulation. What is the maximal trade markup established for the drugs that are purchased by public and municipal institutions using budgetary funds?

78. 6 months after treatment a patient with coronary heart disease developed tolerance to the nitrates with prolonged action. What drug with nitrate-similar effect should be recommended in this case?

79. Determination of pH of a biological material by means of indicator paper is applied for the preliminary conclusion about substances that might have caused intoxication. The indicator paper moistened with plumbum acetate solution was exposed to the evaporations of the material under examination and turned black. This indicates that the material under examination contains:

80. A patient suffering from allergic rhinitis was prescribed ephedrine in form of nasal drops. The patient has significantly benefited from nasal instillation, and this stimulated him to use the drug every 2 hours. But under these conditions the drug appeared to be ineffective. What is the most likely cause of this phenomenon?

81. A pharmaceutist prepares internal drops with the following formulation: 5 ml of adoniside, 10 ml of valerian and lily-of-the-valley tincture each, 0,1 g of menthol, 2,0 g of potassium bromide. It will be efficient to dissolve potassium bromide in the following substance:

82. A doctor prescribed a patient 100 ml of tincture made out of 0,25 of Herba Thermopsidis. How much dried concentrated extract of Herba Thermopsidis should be weighed by a pharmaceutist?

83. A mineralizate under examination contains precipitates of barium sulfate and plumbum sulfate. These salts can be separated by means of:

84. A large and well-known company has granted a small independent firm the right to use its trademark and technology so that it could take advantage of authori- ty and customer trust to the well-known brand. Such concept is called:

85. According to the requirements of the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia, a pharmacy analyst is determining calcium gluconate by method of complexometric titration. What indicator is to be used?

86. A 34-year-old patient suffering from bronchitis was prescribed an antitussive drug of central action. What drug is it?

87. Treatment course of essential hypertension includes diuretics. Which diuretic DOES NOT NEED to be combined with potassium preparations?

88. Choose an optimal antibacterial drug for the mycoplasmal pneumonia treatment:

89. A 57-year-old female patient was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis; she has also a history of stomach ulcer. What drug from the group of nonsteroid antiinflammatory drugs may be recommended this patient?

90. An expert of an analytical laboratory is determining Ca2+ in the substance of calcium pantothenate. Specify the method of analysis:

91. Management of a pharmaceutical company involves American and Japanese approaches. Choose a typical feature of American model of management:

92. Novocaine metabolism in the organism results in generation of p-amino-benzoic acid. What metabolic process underlies this conversion?

93. A pharmaceutist brews an aqueous extract out of medicinal raw material in the tightly closed infusion vessel for 15 minutes and stirs it without opening the lid. Such technology of infusion preparation is typical for the following medicinal raw material:

94. An analyst of a pharmaceutical storehouse received the substance of hydrogen peroxide for analysis. Quantitative determination of this drug should be performed by permanganatometric method. According to the analytical normative document, titration should be carried out till the solution turns:

95. A 32-year-old patient takes antituberculous drugs. Some time later he has noticed that his urine turned orange. What preparation is the most likely cause of this phenomenon?

96. A pharmacy got an order for powders containing ascorbic acid and sodium hydrocarbonate. What process takes place between the ingredients?

97. An analytical laboratory received substance of citric acid for the analysis. According to the requirements of the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia, citric acid can be determined by method of:

98. During digitoxin therapy for chronic cardiac insufficiency, a patient developed signs of intoxication with this preparation. The patient was prescribed unithiol. What is the mechanism of unithiol action in case of intoxication with cardiac glycosides?

99. A woman who has been treated for infiltrative focal tuberculosis for a long time complains of acute hearing impairment. Which of the following preparations might be the cause of such side effect?

100. A patient suffering from stomach ulcer was prescribed an antiulcer drug that also reduces secretion of hydrochloric acid and inhibits Chelicobacter pylori. What drug is it?

101. In case of loss of license a pharmaceutist should address an application for a duplicate to a licensing authority. The licensing authority is obliged to issue the duplicate to the applicant no later than in:

102. Ophthalmic drops are produced on the base of concentrated riboflavin solution (1:5000). How much solution should be taken if the formulation says "0,001 of riboflavin"?

103. Fatty oil containing saturated fatty acids is used for atherosclerosis prevention. Specify the medicinal plant that is used for oil production:

104. According to the pharmacopoeia requirements of liquid extract production, the extractant and the raw material should be taken in the following proportion:

105. In order to determine the purity a drop of lavender essential oil was applied on a strip of filter paper and warmed up in the stream of warm air. Some time later the stain increased in diameter. What impurity substance was found in the lavender oil?

106. A pharmacy analyst is measuring mercury dichloride by method of indirect chelatometry. Excess of titrated solution of sodium edetate can be titrated by means of the following titrated solution:

107. A business entity carrying on the wholesale trade of drugs must be keepi- ng documents concerning purchase and sale for a certain period. Specify this period:

108. A patient with arterial hypertension was administered a non-prescription drug for symptomatic treatment of rhinitis. What pharmaceutical form should be recommended the patient in order to reduce as much as possible the likelihood of development of undesirable systemic vasoconstriction?

109. A pharmaceutical enterprise widely applies technical and technological media of information use in order to increase efficiency of managing productive and administrative activity of an organization, to enhance labour productivity, to improve methods of planning and regulating management processes. All this is realized by means of:

110. A patient got an injection of 0,25% novocaine solution for the purpose of anaesthetization. Suddenly the patient has presented with red spots, intense sweating, tachycardia, bronchospasm, edema of nasal mucous membrane. What is the cause of this complication?

111. A patient has ordered 50 g of zinc ointment. How much zinc and Vaseline should be weighed by a pharmaceutist?

112. On the base of licorice root different drug dosage forms are produced, notably tablets, powders, syrups, teas. The only unused form is injection solution. Licorice roots exhibit haemolytic properties since they contain the following active substances:

113. A pharmaceutist was preparing an ointment with ricin oil and Vaseline but failed to get homogenous system. What is the most likely cause of incompatibility between these components?

114. Pharmaceutical chemistry studies methods of drug synthesis. Interaction of anesthesin with beta-diethylaminoethanol in presence of sodium alcoholate with following acidation with hydrochloric acid results in origination of:

115. Balance is a part of financial accounting of pharmacies. What index is reflected in the assets of the balance sheet?

116. One of the accounting documents of a pharmacy is the balance sheet (Form 1) consisting of assets and liabilities. Name the elements of the asset of a pharmacy:

117. An 18-year-old patient was diagnosed with disseminated pulmonary tuberculosis. What drug will provide etiotropic pharmacotherapy?

118. While producing phytopreparations and organotherapeutic preparations different kinds of dryers are used. What dryer would be the most effective for drying thermolabile compounds?

119. Which preparation from the group of laxative agents IS NOT to be administered in case of intoxication with CNS-inhibiting substances?

120. An analytical laboratory carries out an analysis of ferrum sulphate heptohydrate according to the requirements of the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia. The test portion of the substance should be titrated with the following solution:

121. A hospital admitted a child with signs of poisoning with belladonna alkaloids. What drug should be applied as an antidote?

122. Theory of management currently marks out four the most important approaches to the management. Choose the approach that is NOT USED in the theory of management:

123. A patient who has taken phenobarbi-tal for a long time was prescribed diclofenac sodium. However the anti-inflammatory effect of diclofenac appeared to be less than expected due to the pharmacokinetic interaction of these drugs. Such interaction might be the result of the following processes:

124. A storehouse received a batch of althaea roots. For its verification a drop of ammonia solution was applied upon the root section; the spot of section turned yellow. This is the evidence of presence of the following substance:

125. A patient with bronchial asthma was prescribed salbutamol that has led to relief of bronchospasm symptoms. This is associated with stimulation of:

126. An edema can be relieved by means of hypertonic solutions. What phenomenon takes place in the blood cells after injection of such solution?

127. A department of a pharmaceutical plant produces injection solutions. Ascorbic acid solution for injections relates to the following group of solutions:

128. A patient suffering from neurosis accompanied by anxiety and fear development was prescribed diazepam. What pharmacological effect makes it possible to apply the drug for this disease treatment?

129. Lapkina-Lazarenko method of ethylene glycol separation enables to isolate it effectively from the objects of chemotoxicological analysis. What is the selective transporter of ethylene glycol from the objects to the distillate?

130. A phytochemical department of a pharmaceutical factory produces biogenic stimulators out of different raw materials. Specify the plant-derived biogenic stimulators:

131. A 52-year-old patient was diagnosed with systemic amebiasis accompanied by bowels, liver and lungs affection. What preparation should be administered?

132. A patient has accidentally taken a barium-containing salt. All of the following salts have toxic effect upon the human organism EXCEPT for:

133. A pharmacy analyst is measuring a drug by method of indirect bromatometry. Which of the following titrated solutions is to be used?

134. Product assortment is the whole set of product assortment groups offered by an enterprise. The index representing number of positions in each product assortment group is called:

135. Analysis of an extract by chromatographic method revealed presence of phenyl prapanolamine. It is the metabolite of the following alkaloid:

136. Quality control of tablets produced at a pharmaceutical enterprise involves quantitative determination of such subsidiary substances as talc and aerosil. What method is applied for such determination?

137. A pharmacy procured common origanum. What drying conditions should be applied for producing high quality crude drug?

138. A pharmacy got a formulation of a mixture containing manzanita decoction and belladonna extract. What is the reason for incompatibility between these components?

139. Accounting of pharmaceutical institutions includes control accounts of nine classes. What accounting units are represented in the accounts of the 4-6 classes?

140. A pharmaceutist made a tincture of Adonis herb. A peculiarity of its preparation is that the active substances are derived in:

141. If the internal surface of buckthorn rind is moistened with 5% alkaline solution, it becomes cherry-red colouring. This is the evidence of presence of the following substance:

142. Fruits of holy thistle (Silybum) are used for production of a number of domestic and foreign hepatoprotective drugs. Factor of merit of this raw material is content of:

143. The founders are going to open a retail pharmacy. What way of business running is stipulated in this case?

144. During an operation a dentist needs to reduce salivation in a patient. The dentist has to use a drug of the following pharmacological group:

145. Hawthorn flowers are used for production of cardiotonic drugs. During procurement of this crude drug the flowers of the following plant can appear in it:

146. A pharmaceutical company "Pharmasvet"has patented and produces now a new hypoglycemic preparation. The company markets this product directly through the own marketing departments, affiliated marketing companies, pharmacy network. Marketing policy of this pharmaceutical company can be characterized by the channel of the following level:

147. Marketing research of certain pharmaceutical groups involves collection and analysis of primary information. This is the following type of marketing research:

148. A pharmaceutist prepared an oil emulsion containing zinc oxide. Specify the rational method of substance incorporation:

149. Aerosol department of a pharmaceutical factory uses condensed gases in the capacity of propellants. Which of the following substances relates to the group of condensed gases?

150. Forensic toxicological analysis is often done for the metabolism products of toxic substances. Amino benzophenones are generated during biotrasformation of:

151. A pharmaceutical factory produces herbal juice out of fresh raw material. What operation should be performed at the stage of juice purification?

152. An advance holder (accountant) received money from the cash fund of an enterprise for purchase of office accessories. After the cash advance the advance holder must submit the statement of application of funds no later than:

153. The equity capital of a pharmacy is 7500 UAH, the liabilities make 2500 UAH. According to the formula of balance calculation given in the Statement of Standard Accounting Practice 2 the amount of pharmacy assets will be as follows:

154. According to the requirements of the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia, a pharmacy analyst is determining procaine hydrochloride by nitritometric method. What indicator should be used for this purpose?

155. Powders represent an important group among the extemporal medicinal preparations. Which of the following components can be incorporated into a powder without preliminary grinding?

156. At the end of each month accountant of a pharmacy calculates amount of realized price markup. Which index IS NOT USED for such calculation?

157. Medications in the storing rooms of a medicoprophylactic institution should be placed on the shelves, in the cases, refrigerators or on the pallets or rickers. Toxic medications should be kept in:

158. An analyst is measuring sodium benzoate in the anhydrous medium by the acidimetric method according to the requirements of the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia. What reagent had to be used as a solvent?

159. All the medications require special storage conditions according to their physical and physicochemical properties. Ampouled solution of sodium adenosine triphosphate (ATP) should be stored under the following temperature:

160. Quality of injection solutions supplied in ampoules can be assessed according to different indices. How many ampoules should be checked while determining quality of sealing (leaktightness of an ampoule)?

161. This substance is of blue colour but unlike the colouring substances it doesn’t leave any stain. The powders prepared out of it are made according to the general rules. What substance is it?

162. Inventory in a pharmacy revealed a shortage within the range of natural loss. This shortage will be rated as expenses at the following price:

163. Restharrow (Ononis) root is used for production of a tincture for treating haemorrhoidal haemorrhages. Isoflavonoids can be identified in the raw material by means of:

164. A 56-year-old patient suffering from essential hypertension was prescribed an inhibitor of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) and a potassium-sparing diuretic. Such combination is:

165. Leaves of belladonna, henbane and datura containing tropane alkaloids must be stored according to the following list requirements:

166. A patient suffering from arterial hypertension and chronic bronchitis suddenly presented with dry cough and dyspnea. Body temperature remained unchanged. It is known that the patient takes captopril. These symptoms can be explained by increased generation of:

167. Theobromine and theophylline can be determined by alkalimetric method according to the substituent. What acid is to be titrated with sodium hydroxide?

168. A pharmacy analyst of an analytical laboratory is studying procaine hydrochloride according to the requirements of the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia. What method is recommended by the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia for the quantitative analysis of this preparation?

169. A 67-year-old patient who undergoes treatment for bronchial asthma presents with limb tremor, headache, insomnia, extrasystole. What drug might have caused such symptoms?

170. A pharmacy analyst is determining one of the following drugs by the nintri-tometric method. What drug is it?

171. A 25-year-old patient has been taking antibiotics for 7 days. Antibiotic therapy has caused a complication in form of bowel dysbacteriosis. This complication should be treated with drugs of the following pharmacological group:

172. Tannins have astringent effect and are used for treatment of colitis, enterocolitis, diarrhea. What herbal raw material contains a lot of tannins?

173. A chemotoxicological laboratory received a biological material. A toxicologist carries out uncontrollable analysis aimed at detection of the following group of toxic substances:

174. A pharmaceutist made 10 powders containing atropine sulfate at a rate of 0,00005 pro dose. What trituration did he use?

175. When filling the "Inventory report", a pharmacy manager represented a number of business transactions in the receipts section of report. Such transactions include:

176. A pharmacy technologist received an ointment formulation: Rp.: Unguentum Resorcini 1,5% -10,0 Da. Signa. To be applied on the affected skin areas. The pharmaceutist incorporated dry medical substance into the ointment by the following way:

177. After a sulfamide preparation was heated with salicylic acid in presence of concentrated sulfuric acid, it turned crimson. What drug is analyzed?

178. What substance will impede reaction of iodoform test aimed at detection of ethyl alcohol in the biological material?

179. The market is characterized by the following conditions: a big number of salespersons and customers who don’t make any influence upon the level of current prices; availability of uniform and interchangeable competing products; lack of price restrictions. What type of market is it?

180. A pharmacy sells drugs by retail. Omnopon relates to the following group of controlled drugs:

181. An expert of an analytical laboratory is determining Nitrofural. What quanti- tative titrimetric method can be applied?

182. Choose an antiseptic from the group of halogen containing drugs that can be included into the first-aid kit for a child going to a summer camp:

183. A patient with acute cardiac insufficiency and cardiac glycoside intolerance got an injection of dobutamine. What is the mechanism of its action?

184. Injection solutions of salts derived from weak acids and strong bases require stabilization. What stabilizers are used for these solutions?

185. A pharmacy functions on the base of collective financial liability. The financial liability agreement may be re-executed in the following case:

186. A pharmaceutist is preparing powders by the way of triturating one of the components with ethyl alcohol. Such technology of preparation is typical for the following substance:

187. A patient suffering from epilepsy has taken Phenobarbital for a long time and developed drug tolerance. What is the mechanism of this phenomenon development?

188. According to the requirements of the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia, a pharmacy analyst is determining fluorouracil by method of nonaqueous titration. What titrated solution is to be used?

189. Department of finished drug products of the pharmacy №1 got a prescription for nasal drops "Farmazolin"intended for a 2,8-year-old child. This drug will be dispensed at the following price:

190. Tincture of what medicinal plant can be applied as a tonic?

191. Public health services attach great importance to the drug quality, that’s why a pharmaceutic enterprise has concentrated its efforts upon the improvement of qualitative characteristics of its products. What concept of marketing management is applied in this company?

192. A pharmacy analyst is determining adrenaline tartrate by method of acid-base titration in the anhydrous solvents. What indicator is to be used according to the requirements of the Ukrainian State Pharmacopoeia?

193. While preparing decoctions in volume from 1000 to 3000 ml time of processing in boiling water bath should be:

194. A patient suffering from ulcer disease was prescribed famotidine. What is the mechanism of its action?

195. A 46-year-old patient suffering from chronic bronchitis came to a pharmacy. What expectorative drug may be recommended?

196. A 40-year-old patient suffers from bronchial asthma and cardiac rhythm disturbance in form of bradyarrhythmia. Drugs of which pharmacological group should be administered for bronchospasm elimination?

197. An analytical laboratory carries out quantitative analysis of sodium citrate by method of ion-exchanging chromatography on a cationite. What titrated solution is to be used for the following titration of generated citric acid?

198. In Ukraine natural persons and small business entities are allowed to use the simplified tax system. What limit on the number of employees is established for such enterprises?

199. On the wage of pharmacy employees the personal income tax is levied. What pays ARE NOT INCLUDED into the total monthly income being subject to this kind of taxation?

200. Codeine can be derived for medical purposes out of a plant alkaloid by means of semisynthetic method. Name this alkaloid: