Буклет 2014 року

A 63-year-old male patient complains of cough with expectoration of mucous blood-streaked sputum, asthma, low-grade fever, general weakness. These presentations have been observed for 3 months. The patient has been a smoker since childhood. Objectively: to- 37,4oC, respiratory rate is 26/min, Ps- 82/min, rhythmic. AP- 130/85 mm Hg. There is limited breathing movement in the right side of chest cavity, as well as percussive dullness and diminished breath sounds. Radiograph shows a homogeneous opacity of the pulmonary field on the right with the mediastinum displacement to the affected side. What is the most likely diagnosis?
  • Bronchiectasis 3%
  • Central lung cancer 85%
  • Pleural effusion 9%
  • Pleuropneumonia 0%
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis 3%


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mediastinum displacement

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homogeneous opacity

Abdallah123, 3 days ago , 07:19:40