Буклет 2014 року

Examination of a full-term 6-day-old infant revealed that different areas of skin had erythemas, flaccid bubbles, eroded surface, cracks, peeling of the epidermis looking like being scalded with boiling water. There was positive Nikolsky’s symptom. General condition of the child was serious. The child was restless, hypersensitive, febrile. What is the most likely diagnosis in this case?
  • Epidermolysis 4%
  • Finger’s pseudofurunculosis 1%
  • Neonatal pemphigus 6%
  • Neonatal phlegmon 4%
  • Ritter’s exfoliative dermatitis 86%


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boiling water

Abdallah123, 3 days ago , 11:18:33