Буклет 2017 року

A 45-year-old patient complains of pain in the epigastric region, left subcostal area, abdominal distension, diarrhea, loss of weight. He has been suffering from this condition for 5 years. Objectively: the tongue is moist with white coating near the root; deep palpation of abdomen reveals slight pain in the epigastric region and Mayo-Robson’s point. Liver is painless and protrudes by 1 cm from the costal arch. Spleen cannot be palpated. What disease can be primarily suspected?
  • Atrophic gastritis 1%
  • Chronic cholecystitis 1%
  • Chronic enteritis 1%
  • Chronic pancreatitis 97%
  • Peptic stomach ulcer 1%


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Mayo-Robson’s point

Abdallah123, Tuesday, 4 May , 04:54:21